Hooters just released new wing-inspired merchandise

Hooters launches Unreal Wings in partnership with Quorn, photo provided by Hooters and Quorn
Hooters launches Unreal Wings in partnership with Quorn, photo provided by Hooters and Quorn /

When you think about merchandise a restaurant might put out, you probably think of a bottled sauce, frozen food, or maybe a special spice. You probably don’t think of pillows. Well, that’s what Hooters recently released in their new merchandise line. And it’s not just any pillow. It looks like a chicken wing. Yes, you read that right.

The wing-inspired pillow is two feet long and in the shape of a chicken wing. Who thought of this? Why? Was there a demand? Was this brought up in a sales meeting? If so, why did no one shoot it down? Whatever the answer is, you now can buy a Hooters wing pillow for $25 on the restaurant’s website.

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The new merchandise line also includes shirts, socks, bathing suits (why??), hats, and earrings.

I need you all to know that the earrings are called Ear-Wings and they look exactly like miniature chicken wings. Once again, why? The earrings are $9.99 for a set.

Hooters launched new merchandise line including pillow, earrings, and socks

The socks are less bizarre. They just have wings and glasses of beer printed on them with Hooters signature orange on the toe and calf area of the sock. They are currently $14.95.

If you’re looking to show your Hooters love in a much more subtle way, there is also a grey t-shirt that says “You Had Me At Wing” written across it. It’s only $18.95 and comes in sizes ranging from small to xxx-large.

While all the merchandise is available online, it can also be purchased at participating restaurants as well. If you’re looking for a big wing pillow, now’s your chance!

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