Serendipity Brands pays tribute to Caddyshack with a new limited edition ice cream flavor

Caddyshack Gopher Traxs Ice Cream. Image courtesy of Serendipity Brands.
Caddyshack Gopher Traxs Ice Cream. Image courtesy of Serendipity Brands. /

Serendipity Brands is honoring a classic movie in style! That’s right they are giving a us a new limited edition ice cream to celebrate Caddyshack.

It must be Serendipity, because as we end summer we are trying to get in those last minutes out on the golf course. And if there is one iconic movie we had to pick to represent our golfing appreciation it would have to be Caddyshack.

Considering Serendipity Brands currently has a unique partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products that has already given us two amazing ice creams – the Friends Central Perk Almond Fudge and The Goonies Sloth & Chunk Rocky Rooooaad? – it just makes sense that we would be excited for any more ice cream movie magic heading our way! But with this being one of my all-time favorite comedies, I am even more excited for this release.

It’s all about the Gophers with this Serendipity Brands x Caddyshack ice cream!

If you know about the gophers vs golfers in Caddyshack, then you already know that this is where Serendipity Brands found inspiration. And we are here for it!

For those of us who love all things ice cream and all things Caddyshack, the new Gopher Trax ice cream is everything we could have asked for and more. Available in a pint size, this limited edition ice cream is a vanilla ice cream that has been given a caramel swirl and then had mini peanut butter cups added throughout the blend.

With this release, limited though it may be, we get not one, not two, but five of our favorite things in one delicious product. Not only do we get an ice cream from Serendipity Brands, but we get a Caddyshack inspired ice cream. And then they take that to the next level by giving us vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and caramel. Talk about making our summer dreams come true.

Forget the golf course, I am grabbing a pint of this ice cream and watching Caddyshack on repeat!

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What do you think fellow Guilty Eaters? Are you as big of a fan of Caddyshack as we are? Are you excited for a new ice cream collab from Serendipity Brands? Let us know in the comments below.