Show off your WARHEADS love with a new limited edition collection from FLAN

FLAN x Warheads collaborate on a limited edition clothing collection. Image courtesy of FLAN
FLAN x Warheads collaborate on a limited edition clothing collection. Image courtesy of FLAN /

Who else love sour candy and specifically WARHEADS? And who else follows celebrity fashion? Then you need to know about the epic collaboration between WARHEADS and FLAN (Forever Laughing At Nothing).

If you are wondering who or what FLAN is, it is a Brooklyn-based clothing brand that is known for being all about the positivity. And they are also known for dressing a few of our favorite celebrities, such as Noah Centineo (one of our favorite Netflix heartthrobs), Cardi B, and even Gigi and Bella Hadid.

So you know if they are dressing the Hadids and Cardi B, then we need to pay attention. And what better way to get our attention as foodies than by collaborating on a limited edition collection that honors one of our favorite candies?

What we know about the FLAN x WARHEADS collaboration:

FLAN x Warheads collaborate on a limited edition clothing collection. Image courtesy of FLAN /

In a press email we received, we learned that on July 31, on and in their Los Angeles and Malibu locations, a limited edition WARHEADS x FLAN collection will be released. The collection includes five unisex t-shirts featuring a dip-dyed effect. The top of each tee is plain white, but the bottom of each shirt features one of the colors we often associate with WARHEADS sour candies.

There is a watermelon tee, a sour apple tee, a lemon tee, a blue raspberry tee, and a black cherry tee. But that’s not all, as there is also a “WALLY” Button Down top that perfectly mimics the WARHEADS logo colors in a gradient of yellow and pink. The button down is actually made with 100 percent recycled polyester and it is a perfect way to rep your Wally love.

According to the founder of FLAN, Jared Vinik,

"The opportunity to collaborate with Warheads was a dream come true, providing us the chance to merge our FLAN world with the iconic sour candy in a rewarding and inspiring manner. The result is something we are all immensely proud of, a creative fusion of the two brands in a tasteful and elevated final offering. This intersection of food and fashion is something we care deeply about, so having the opportunity to share our values through the medium of this collaboration with WARHEADS, at this time in our history and in this place in the world, was priceless."

The idea is to capture a sense of nostalgia in a collection that we will want to wear everywhere. And considering how simple the design is, we absolutely can. In fact, I can’t imagine not wanting to wear any of these tees and the button down, because it is simple but perfectly captures the colors of the candies. And the addition of a tiny Wally decal at the edge of the shirt ties everything together perfectly.

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I’m slightly obsessed with this collaboration and can’t wait for the official drop to take place. But what do you think Guilty Eaters? Is this the kind of limited edition collection you need in your life too? Let us know in the comments below, especially if you plan to snag a tee or two!