How do you enjoy your Pop-Tarts?

Line of Pop-Tarts inspired by classic pie flavors. Image courtesy of Pop-Tarts
Line of Pop-Tarts inspired by classic pie flavors. Image courtesy of Pop-Tarts /

We all know how to eat Pop-Tarts. Or do we? How do you eat these toaster pastries? Do you eat them straight out of the box? Or maybe, you only eat them after they have been toasted up.

After receiving a postcard from Pop-Tarts, I started questioning everything I ever knew about Pop-Tarts. Why you may ask? Because they offered me multiple ways to enjoy these toaster pastries.

Whether it is obvious or not, it has always felt like the two main ways to enjoy these pastries was either straight out of the package or toasted up to a golden brown (on the back at least, if there is icing on one side). But on the card I received they mentioned stacking your Pop-Tarts and eating them out of the freezer.

And that’s not all, they also gave us two options for heating up these pastries. Yes, one was in the toaster, but the other option was a microwave!

How do you eat your Pop-Tarts? And what’s your flavor of choice?

So not only do they throw out the suggestion to enjoy our toaster pastry frozen, but they even blew our minds with how we are heating them up as well.

These suggestions have me questioning everything! It also has me wondering which flavors will taste the best using these different methods. Would a limited edition flavor like Lemon Creme Pie taste better out of the freezer that the toaster? How would a microwave treat a S’mores Pop-Tarts?

There are so many questions, so many options, and so many flavors. These pastries might be easy to grab and go, but with these new ideas in our heads, we may need to try eating them in new ways that have nothing to do with snacking on the run.

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And now we need to know – how are you eating these toaster pastries? What’s your go-to flavor? Let us know in the comments below.