Pop-Tarts takes inspiration from dessert this summer with three pie-inspired flavors

Line of Pop-Tarts inspired by classic pie flavors. Image courtesy of Pop-Tarts
Line of Pop-Tarts inspired by classic pie flavors. Image courtesy of Pop-Tarts /

Pop-Tarts is getting ready for summer and what better way to do that than with some of our favorite dessert flavors. Launching in June, we have three new flavors all inspired by pie.

Not only did they decide to model their new flavors of toaster pastry after some classic American favorites, but one of the pie-inspired boxes is set to be a larger count available at Walmart. So which flavors are we getting to sink our teeth into?

According to a press release from Pop-Tarts, the new flavors of summer 2021 are Peach Cobbler, Lemon Creme Pie, and of course Banana Creme Pie. These new flavors join the dessert flavors that already include some delicious options like S’mores and Red Velvet Cupcake.

Of course, this is technically not new news, as we previously reported that these flavors were heading our way, but now that we have had a chance to actually taste them we are obsessed.

Pop-Tarts kicks off summer with three must try pie-inspired flavors

The Banana Creme Pie is a delicious toaster pastry for anyone who loves banana. And of course if that is one of your favorite pies, then this is going to be an instant favorite. The fact that it comes in a 16 count box seals the deal, as it means we can really indulge with this dessert ready flavor (whether we are enjoying this for breakfast or making this our midnight snack choice).

I will say that the Peach Cobbler was my least favorite of the three, but that has more to do with the peach itself. If it’s not a fresh baked peach cobbler filled with peach slices/chunks, I am less inclined to indulge. However, this was a good option if peach is a favorite flavor and you want something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The third flavor, the Lemon Creme Pie, was my favorite of the pie-inspired Pop-Tarts flavors. The brightness of the lemon really shines through and just makes this a refreshing choice for breakfast, a snack, or even as a dessert alternative. I’m a lemon lover all the way, and this was truly satisfying, whether eaten toasted or not.

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Want to try these new pie-inspired Pop-Tarts for yourself? They are available starting now and can be found at retailers nationwide, with the larger count Banana Creme Pie being available at Walmart stores across the country.