Halloween season means the return of the mystery Voo-Dew MTN Dew

NEW MTN DEW Voo-Dew. Image courtesy of MTN DEW
NEW MTN DEW Voo-Dew. Image courtesy of MTN DEW /

With the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice goodies, it was only a matter of time before the iconic Halloween MTN DEW flavor arrived – the VOO-DEW! But, as we all know, this is a mystery flavor. So while we may expect the arrival of the Voo-Dew flavor, we don’t actually know what it is yet.

And we probably won’t know until they actually reveal the mystery flavor definitively because even when we think we know the mystery, we rarely do. So what do we know about the return of the MTN DEW mystery flavor for Halloween?

Technically, we actually know quite a few interesting things courtesy of a MTN DEW press email.

MTN DEW has brought back their Halloween mystery flavor – the Voo-Dew

Just like every other time they have given us the Voo-Dew for Halloween, this mystery MTN DEW will only be available for a limited time. According to the press email they are also encouraging all of us to take our guess at the mystery. “Those who believe they’ve uncovered the mystery are encouraged to share their flavor guesses on social media using #VOODEW and tagging @MountainDEW.”

It makes sense that they would bring back the mystery flavor after the success they saw in 2020 around the “Fruit Candy Explosion” flavor. In fact, it caused so many online conversations that they couldn’t resist doing it all over again.

Now to the when and where of it all. Starting August 30, we can get our hands on the new Voo-Dew flavor in stores across the country.

So if you love a little mystery and enjoy all things MTN DEW, it is time for some Halloween fun!

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What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are you excited for the return of the MTN DEW Voo-Dew flavor? Did you guess the flavor last year? Will you try again this year? Let us know in the comments below.