Sour Patch Kids has new Funko keychains

Just Blue Sour Patch Kids. Image courtesy of Sour Patch Kids
Just Blue Sour Patch Kids. Image courtesy of Sour Patch Kids /

Sour Patch Kids has come out with a bunch of great merchandise over the years. Everything from Funkos to t-shirts to fanny packs to pillows. The fact that I have none of these things is going to make someone take away my Sour Patch Kids superfan card. But there’s still a chance for redemption because the candy brand has just released some new merch.

Sour Patch Kids just came out with four new Funko Pocket Pop keychains. They come in redberry (red), grape (purple), strawberry (pink), and blue raspberry (blue). They are in the classic Sour Patch Kids shape and are covered in glitter.

Sour Patch Kids drops new merch for those of us who want to carry a mini version of their Funko

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They pretty much look exactly like the bigger Sour Patch Kids Funkos that you can get on their site, just smaller and on a keychain.

They are currently only $7.99 and are a limited edition so get one while you can. If they sell out, who knows if they’ll ever come back.

You can add them to your keys, your bag, the belt loop on your pants, or even a lanyard if you wear one for work.

As a die-hard blue Sour Patch Kids fan and a glitter fanatic, I feel like I need to get the blue keychain. It’s calling to me.

If you’re looking for the bigger version, the full-size Funkos come in the same colors as the keychains plus lemon and orange as well as a special edition blue glitter Funko Pop.

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What do you think of the new Sour Patch Kids Funko keychains? Let us know in the comments below!