Dr Pepper FANtastic Chocolate is a sweet dessert in a can

Dr Pepper Reveals FANtastic Chocolate. Image courtesy Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper Reveals FANtastic Chocolate. Image courtesy Dr Pepper /

On August 15, Dr Pepper unveiled their newest limited edition flavor, the FANtastic Chocolate. A drink you can only get with a Pepper Perks membership.

And while you have to be a member of the Pepper Perks rewards program to even figure out how many points you’ll need to get your hands on a can of this limited edition soda flavor, some lucky press people got the chance to try it for themselves.

Guilty Eats was lucky enough to get a chance to try the FANtastic Chocolate from Dr Pepper and it was surprising in man ways. It was definitely not what we expected at all (although I am not sure what I expected honestly).

While a classic Dr Pepper gives us notes of cinnamon and cherry with vanilla undertones, that was definitely not what we got in the FANtastic Chocolate. In fact, that first sniff of the drink was enough to let us know we were not in Waco anymore. (You know since the Dr Pepper museum is in Waco, TX.)

Guilty Eats reviews Dr Pepper FANtastic Chocolate

Chefs often say we eat with more than just our sense of taste and the same could be said for this drink. This was an experience because when you open that can of Dr Pepper FANtastic Chocolate, the first thing you get is the smell of chocolate. And not in a very chemically way, but more like that I just walked into a chocolate shop way.

But you want to know about the taste. Honestly, this was like a very sweet dessert in a can. And if you like sweet drinks that have chocolatey undertones, then this is the drink for you. It’s very much an explosion of flavor on the tongue, but a sweet one. Literally dessert in a can with this soda.

It was actually too sweet for me, but ended up making a perfect Dr Pepper float. Since we always have ice cream in our freezer, I grabbed some vanilla ice cream, did two scoops in a glass and then poured the rest of my FANtastic Chocolate on top. This transformed the drink from being too much to just right. (I have no idea why this works, but it did.)

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While the Dr Pepper FANtastic Chocolate is only a limited time offer and requires you to be a Pepper Perks reward member, it is definitely worth trying if you like chocolate and sweet drinks. I would definitely drink this again as a Dr Pepper float, but I think that is where my limit is, because truly this is a sweet one.