These candles will turn your home into the perfect foodie paradise

DW Home Fall Flavor Inspired Candles. Photo credit Kimberley Spinney
DW Home Fall Flavor Inspired Candles. Photo credit Kimberley Spinney /

Foodie fans looking to add a little decorating magic to their homes this fall, may want to turn to these candles for the perfect foodie paradise. With beautiful jars to house these candles, as well as the perfect scents for those of us who love the sweet and savory flavors of the season, this might just be the perfect choice for transforming your home this Fall.

As a candle lover, I am always looking for new scents and gorgeous jars to have throughout my home. And this Fall it is all about making foodie magic happen.

What better way to get into the spirit of the season than with a collection of candles inspired by delicious, seasonal treats? That is where these candles come into play.

From the deliciousness of DW Home to the magic of Glasshouse Fragrances, these five candles are a must this Fall.

5 candles you will want in your home this Fall as a foodie

  • DW Home Pumpkin Cheesecake – This frosted jar of goodness absolutely smells like a piece of cheesecake swirled with pumpkin. It is a very intense scent that will completely fill your home with the sweet and savory elements of this foodie favorite. And we are obsessed.
  • Glasshouse Fragrances Trick or Treat Pumpkin Pie – If you want your home to smell like fresh baked pumpkin pie, then this is the candle for you. We love the look of Glasshouse jars, but it is the smell that wins us over. And this is a perfect choice for fans of Fall and Halloween.
  • DW Home Vanilla Latte – My absolute favorite candle of the entire bunch has to be the DW Home Vanilla Latte. Not only does it actually smell like my favorite coffeehouse drink, but it comes in the perfect jar to capture that essence. That’s right the jar and the lid look like they came straight from a cafe! (Yes, they have other jars of this scent, but the one that looks like an actual latte is the real winner here.)
  • DW Home Maple Pancakes – If you love breakfast and pancakes, then this candle is for you. I love maple anything, but as a candle it is even better. This is another one that will really take over your home. But since the scent is so delicious, that is not a bad thing at all. This is a sweeter scent, so if you like it sweet, this is the one for you.
  • Bath & Body Works Vampire Blood – This candle might not scream foodie favorites for Fall, but if you love strawberries, then you need this one in your life (or home). It is another sweet scent, but it is tempered by the Jasmine a bit, as well as the plum. It is a more unique fall scent that still totally works and gets our taste buds tingling.

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There are so many candle companies and candle scents on the market and as foodies, we love to find the perfect ones. Whether it is because we want our homes to smell like fresh baked treats or to set the perfect holiday mood, we love candles. And these are some of our favorites this Fall.