Rosé strawberries are back just in time for summer

Whole Foods Summer Rosé Sale. Image courtesy Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Summer Rosé Sale. Image courtesy Whole Foods Market /

Strawberries are good on their own but what if you got all the goodness of strawberries, but they taste and are the color of rosé? Well, it’s now possible thanks to the produce brand, Driscoll’s.

They’ve created a strain of strawberry that’s light pinky-orange in color, has a light peachy flavor, and a floral aftertaste. There is no alcohol involved which is a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you are. You can always soak them in something alcoholic…just saying.

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These strawberries may look cool and taste good, but the most incredible thing about them is that they took 20 years to create and to make sure they were just right.

And according to Driscoll’s, they created them without the help of any GMOs.

Rosé strawberries are back for National Rosé Day.

The rosé berries first came out in 2019 in only a few markets in New York City and North California.

This year, Driscoll’s released them just in time for National Rosé Day on June 12, and they should be in a lot more markets. They’ve already been seen in Los Angeles.

Hopefully, those of us in other lesser-known cities around the country will get to try them too. Even if they are available in your city, you might have to go to a couple of grocery stores to hunt them down.

Based on the pictures alone, they definitely look more like underripe strawberries than they do like rosé but that might just depend on the ripeness.

According to Mashed, the berries taste both tart and floral and I’m betting they would be perfect in the very drink they’re named after. Or imagine these in sangria! Yum!

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What do you think of these rosé strawberries? Let us know in the comments below!