Kathy Hilton’s dinner party on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featured a fancy setup

Kathy Hilton might be a relative newcomer to the Real Housewives universe, but that doesn’t mean she is a newcomer to hosting lavish dinners. And in a recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills which aired on September 1, we got to see just how lavish a dinner party at Hilton’s home can be.

Not only does Kathy Hilton make sure every detail is perfect for her dinner parties, according to The Daily Dish, she pointed out that she has a very big pet peeve when it comes to putting on a dinner for friends (or anyone really). In an interview she stated, “Please don’t come five or 10 minutes early. Because that’s when I really am walking around to make sure that there’s a fresh bar of soap, that the toilet paper’s folded, perfumes are out.”

But her perfection meant that her dinner table was stunning. In fact, her table even had the other housewives talking.

Kathy Hilton throws a lavish dinner party with stunning decor on the table

Real Housewife Kyle Richards pointed out the red candlesticks on the table, which were apparently Red Baccarat Harcourt My Fire candle-holders that retail at an impressive $950 each! And it seems that Richards was rather enamored with these beautiful pops of color on the table as she told fellow housewife Sutton Stracke that she was “obsessed” with them.

For Sutton, it was all about the place cards on the table. And honestly, once we saw that table, we were equally obsessed, both with the cards and the candle-holders.

Stunning crystal, pops of red and white, and just the perfect table are exactly what makes this dinner party an elegant affair that only Kathy Hilton can host.

Sure, we are all about what actually makes it to the dinner table to eat, but sometimes we want gorgeous too. And that is exactly what Hilton gave us – a stunning table we would love to dine at.

After seeing how Kathy Hilton sets up for a gathering with friends, we can’t wait to go watch Paris Hilton’s cooking show to get some food ideas for our own over-the-top dinner party.

To see a sneak peek of Kathy Hilton’s dinner party set up (and some RHOBH drama) check out this clip here:

Who else is a fan of Kathy Hilton and the rest of the RHOBH cast? What do you think of an elegant dinner party? What is your favorite part of a dinner party? Let us know.