Top 10 retired cereals that need to be back on the shelves ASAP

General Mills Fall Cereal. Image courtesy General Mills
General Mills Fall Cereal. Image courtesy General Mills /

Cereal is something that everyone loves – kids and adults alike. Whether it’s sweet cereals, chocolatey or fruity cereal, plain wheat cereal, there are so many different options and choices!

My personal favorite cereal is Frosted Flakes. Although, there’s really no cereal that I absolutely hate, per say. Of course, there will always be some preferred over others, but, come on, everyone has a favorite! Another great one for me is Vanilla Life cereal – delicious, sweet, and perfect with your morning cup of joe!

*Disclaimer: This is not a ranking, so cereals will be in no particular order.

Which retired cereals from our list are your faves?

Starting off strong here, we’re going to revisit a cereal that is named after my favorite Star Wars character!

Who will it be!? Any guesses before continuing to read?!

1. C3PO’s

When was it around? Circa 1984-1986

Who made the cereal? Kellogg’s

This cereal was shaped almost as if two separate Cheerios were to be fused together, in order to form this sort of infinity-like symbol (kinda representative of C3PO’s bug-eyes). It was an oat, wheat, and corn cereal, flavored with sweet and delectable honey syrups. Some people even described it as having a similar taste to a more current Kellogg’s cereal, Lucky Charms (minus the classic delish marshmallow flavors as well).

2. Cinnamon Mini-Buns

When was it around? Circa 1991-1993

Who made the cereal? Kellogg’s

Nowadays, there are plenty of cereals out there that taste like cinnamon and/or cinnamon buns alike. Back in the 90’s, you could probably be safe to say that these Cinnamon Mini-Buns were at least one of the first of it’s kind (back in the day, of course). It was a corn and oat-based cereal, made to taste like a classic swirled cinnamon bun.

3. WWF Superstars

When was it around? Circa 1991-Early 1990’s

Who made the cereal? Ralston

These star-shaped vanilla-flavored cereal pieces were basically like the concept of Cheerios: a whole in the middle of each piece of cereal. Upon doing some (delicious) research over here, it seems to be that Hulk Hogan was the main, if not one of the only, WWF (actual) Superstars to grace the covers/boxes of this delicious breakfast cereal product.

4. Monopoly Cereal

When was it around? Circa 2003-Mid 2000’s

Who made the cereal? General Mills

Upon doing research and looking up pictures of this recently-ancient cereal, this one, of any of them, I, myself, might be wishing for to come back on the grocery store shelves the most. It was a cinnamon-flavored cereal, almost a pretty identical resemblance to Cinnamon Toast Crunch; however, there was an element of Lucky Charms in there as well, because there were various colored and flavored marshmallows throughout, shaped like different game and card pieces.

5. Sesame Street: ‘C is for Cereal’

When was it around? Circa 2011-2014

Who made the cereal? Post

This particular cereal came in two different boxes: one with Elmo on it, and one with the Cookie Monster himself on it. Geared more towards toddlers and/or other-aged children, this cereal was flavored like apple(s), made with oats and corn; each piece was shaped like X’s and O’s. A more modern version of this cereal exists, with both classic characters on the cover, a version with Elmo and Zoey on it as well, although in more recent times, there are A’s, B’s, C’s, X’s, Y’s, and Z’s (so the beginning and the end of the alphabet alike).

6. Morning Funnies

When was it around? Circa 1988-1989

Who made the cereal? Ralston

This cereal had some kid-friendly comics on the box. As far as the cereal itself goes, it was rainbow-colored, fruit-flavored little circles on cereal with some super funny faces (some different, some the same) in each tiny little piece of them. I wonder why they were only around for a year….Anyone know?

7. Nerds

When was it around? Circa 1985-Late 1980’s

Who made the cereal? Ralston

Upon doing some research over here, it did seem as if there were a couple different varieties, with each of them containing two different tangy, sour flavors in each of them (boxes of cereal); in fact, the cereal boxes were divided much like the boxes of candy themselves were as well!

8. Rainbow Brite

When was it around? Circa 1985-1990

Who made the cereal? Ralston

These were all fruit-flavored and rainbow-colored cereal pieces (duh). Inside some, if not all of the boxes, was a prize: a free Rainbow Brite kite! Kinda cool, kinda strange, but I guess maybe that fit more with the times back then, as opposed to today’s times with today’s type of cereal box prizes.

9. Donkey Kong Crunch

When was it around? Circa 1982-1984

Who made the cereal? Ralston

The boxes of DK Crunch not only had Donkey Kong himself on it, but Mario also graced us with his presence (back then, of course). This was a crunchy (obviously) corn cereal type of breakfast, shaped like barrels, and made to taste like sweetened cereal (kinda gives me the Honey Nut Cheerios type of vibe).

10. Vanilly Crunch

When was it around? Circa 1971-Early 1980’s

Who made the cereal? Quaker

Upon doing some research over here, I’m kinda getting the feeling that this a type of flavor-cross between Honey Nut Cheerios, Frosted Flakes (my own personal favorite cereal….ever), and Corn/Cocoa Puffs (without the chocolate taste, just the shape and texture, of course, hence the name). Essentially, their description is Birthday Cake Captain Crunch Balls….sounds delish to me!

Hot. Burger King’s retired menu items that must be brought back ASAP!!!!. light

Have you tried any of these retired cereals? Of any cereals ever, what’s your favorite cereal, past or present? Let’s chat down below! Eat up, and good morning to all!