Was anyone else frustrated with the MasterChef Legends semi final?

MasterChef: Legeds season 11, episode 12 on FOX
MasterChef: Legeds season 11, episode 12 on FOX /

The semi final of MasterChef: Legends is here and with it a three round cookoff that sees the cheftestants trying to keep up with legendary chefs. And while I understand that this is a semi final and we want the best of the best to be in the finals and winning, it feels like this was beyond where these chefs are at this point in terms of skillset.

As is, this season of MasterChef has been a bit of a mess in terms of what has been expected of the contestants who are supposed to be home cooks, but it has also felt like some of the chefs sent home should still be in the semi final. Not to take anything away from the final four, but there are at least two chefs who were sent home way too soon.

However, none of that mattered. The reality is that this was our final four for MasterChef: Legends and they needed to show up and cook.

MasterChef: Legends gives us a truly difficult semi final that is all about speed and accuracy

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For the semi final challenge, it was all about cooking with three legendary chefs. But it wasn’t just cooking with them. It was taking instruction and cooking to the same speed as the chef in front of you.

My issue with this is the fact that they are literally trying to not only keep up with a professional who has been doing this stuff for years (and who can probably make these dishes in their sleep), but these contestants also had to cook and plate everything in the same way as the chef. It was as much a speed challenge as it was a follow the leader challenge.

We had contestants who were completely missing steps or instructions. They would try to ask questions, but the chefs were pretty much two steps ahead of them already. They were told to pay attention, but how can anyone keep up with someone who has been doing this stuff for years professionally?

This was one of those challenges that seemed unfair from the beginning and it never got any better.

Again, I get that this was a semi final and they are trying to find their next MasterChef, but this wasn’t a legendary challenge, this was a study in how to demoralize people.

I like MasterChef or at least, I used to like it. But this season has not been fun to watch. And whether it was the pandemic restrictions or just them trying to keep us coming back for more, it just felt like the judges were over it. They wanted perfection (we all do), without giving these chefs the tools to make that happen. Or maybe they did and we just never saw it. I don’t know, but I wasn’t a fan.

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What did you think of the MasterChef semi final? Was this episode enjoyable to you or were you frustrated by it all? And what do you think of who went home? Was this the right decision? Let us know what you thought.