When is the Great British Baking Show back in the U.S.?

The Great British Baking Show is coming back much sooner than any of us expected. The show’s social media accounts recently announced that the show would be coming back soon, but who knew it would be this month?

The newest season of The Great British Baking Show will be back on Netflix on Friday, Sept 24. 2021. Just like last season, one episode will be added to Netflix per week so, sadly, no binge-watching. But at least with weekly episodes, the fun and joy of the show last a little longer.

Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas will be back as hosts and Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith are back as the judges.

Who the contestants are and what the challenges will be are still up in the air, but. if nothing else, the challenges are sure to be the most difficult we’ve seen.

Great British Baking Show is back on Sept. 24

Every year, they seem to amp up the difficulty level and I doubt that will change this season. At this point, they’ll probably have an ice sculpture Technical challenge!

The first episode of the new season will be available to watch starting at 12:01 PT on Sept 24 so if you’re dying for more cakes, puns, and possible handshakes, make sure to stay up and watch.

Each episode is streaming on Netflix only 3 days after it airs on the BBC in the UK. Considering how long we used to have to wait for each season of GBBO to come to the States, this is awesome!

Start your countdown now! Only a couple more weeks until we get to watch a bunch of amateur bakers make cakes and biscuits and pies. Only a couple of weeks until we get to see Noel’s new sweater collection and Paul’s intimidating stare. I, for one, can’t wait!

Are you excited for the latest season of The Great British Baking Show? Let us know in the comments below!