Colgate helps to keep our teeth in tip top shape with an app and rewards program perfect for all foodies

Hum by Colgate, images courtesy Colgate
Hum by Colgate, images courtesy Colgate /

When it comes to being a foodie, it is important to remember the importance of our teeth and dental care. And that’s where Colgate comes to play. With hum by Colgate, we get not only an electric toothbrush, but we also get an app that reminds us to get our brush on and where to brush. But that’s not all, as the app also keeps track of our brushing and rewards us with points.

If there is one thing I have learned over the years as a foodie, it is that my teeth are one of my strongest tools. And keeping them in tip top shape is important for my overall health and wellbeing.

Are you a fan of sweet treats like caramel, taffy, or toffee? Do you prefer the more savory treats like popcorn, nuts, and steak? No matter what the treat, whether it is tough or chewy, your teeth need you to care about them. And how do we care for them? With a perfect toothbrush like the hum by Colgate.

So how did we learn about the hum by Colgate? We received a press email about their partnership with Sunbasket. That partnership would let anyone using the hum by Colgate app to earn points for doing what we should all be doing anyway and if you were able to hit 200 points, you could trade those points in for $100 off of four meals from the company, but that’s not all as they were also adding four meal gifts to your first four meals. And yes, these meals are healthy and perfect for dental conscious foodies.

hum by Colgate is the perfect tool for any foodie

Whether you are still putting together all the things you need for back to school or you’re just looking for a new way to keep your dental health in the best shape, then the hum by Colgate could be the perfect answer.

Honestly, as foodies, we always need tools in our lives to keep us going. And it doesn’t always have to be the next best blender or oven, it can be something smaller like a toothbrush or even the perfect toothpaste. (If you have been following our foodie journey for a while, then you already know one toothpaste we love!)

Right now, the hum by Colgate is my new favorite defense against my love of all things sweet treats, including those Halloween candy must-haves and sweet tea. Not only does this toothbrush keep me on my toes (the app will let you know when you miss a section of your mouth or if you miss your brushing all together), but it really does work to keep those teeth looking fresh and clean.

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When it comes to foodie tools, we have to think beyond the obvious. And yes, that is exactly where this toothbrush comes to play.