Celebrate National Lobster Day with the help of the first-ever Maine Lobster Butter

Maine Lobster Butter with biscuits. Image courtesy of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative
Maine Lobster Butter with biscuits. Image courtesy of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative /

Lobster lovers, this one is for you! In honor of one of our favorite days of the year, National Lobster Day, we have a new product that we already can’t resist. And yes, it is exactly what we have wanted in our lives forever (or that we didn’t know we wanted in our lives).

Just in time for National Lobster Day, which falls on September 25, we are getting the perfect product courtesy of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative and Myseafood. And what is that product? It’s the first-ever Maine Lobster Butter of course.

We already know that butter is the perfect accompaniment to this decadent seafood meat, so it just makes sense that finally someone would bring these two things together in a whole new way. And it is definitely one we want to know all about, while also getting our hands on.

So what exactly is this butter? According to the Collaborative’s website, this is a savory spread that really does bring together a creamy butter with the salty, sweet perfection that is Maine Lobster.

Maine Lobster Butter is the new seafood product we never knew we needed

While this may just be the perfect accompaniment for surf and turf, it is so much more than just the melty goodness our lobster dish needs. This can be used to elevate your grilled cheese sandwich. You can use this as the perfect drizzle over popcorn. Or, if you are feeling especially feisty and hungry, why not add it to some Cheddar Bay Biscuits?! (That’s right – we want to spread this all over some of those classic Red Lobster biscuits!)

According to Michael Robins, a Certified Master Chef,

"When thinking of iconic food pairings, there is no better marriage of flavors than sweet Maine Lobster dipped in a rich, melted butter. Enhanced with subtle notes of garlic, lemon and sherry, our Maine Lobster Butter makes it easy to add that decadent lobster flavor to a variety of dishes, elevating any culinary experience."

Over on the Myseafood page, you can snag an order of this butter for $32 which gets you six of their one ounce packages. They are also offering this butter as part of their feast deal for $165, which includes tails as well as mac and cheese.

Honestly, either of these options is perfect for us seafood fans. And we are here for it. If ever there was a time to enjoy some seafood magic, this would be it. Plus, why wouldn’t we want to stock up on this kind of deliciousness?

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What do you think fellow guilty eaters? Does this sound like the kind of foodie product you need in your refrigerator? How would you use this butter product? Let us know what you think in the comments below (because we are over here drooling!)