Who needs roses when you can get a bouquet of lobster tails?

Maine Lobster Tail Bouquet for Valentine's Day. Image courtesy of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative
Maine Lobster Tail Bouquet for Valentine's Day. Image courtesy of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative /

Want to give a little romance this Valentine’s Day to a lobster lover in your life? Why not give that special someone lobster tails bouquet? If this sounds like something you would do for a loved one, then you’ll need to know all about the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative’s current Valentine’s Day offering.

Introducing the first ever Maine Lobster Tail Bouquet. We are talking about the most decadent food offering in a way that is both fun and romantic (depending on who is getting this bouquet of lobster tails).

Not only will this bouquet bring the romance, but it serves a dual purpose of being the dinner for that romantic evening too!

So what exactly is this bouquet of lobster tails and how do we get our hands on it? I’m glad you asked.

Shake things up this Valentine’s Day with a DIY lobster tails bouquet kit

First you may be wondering how to get your hands on a kit to make lobster tails into a romantic bouquet. Luckily for us, the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative has us covered with a page to order from, as well as instructions on how to make perfect lobster tails, and even tips for perfectly styling your bouquet.

Every kit ordered supports the lobster industry in Maine, including the harvesters, processors, and dealers who make sure that those of us who love this seafood item can enjoy it every year.

So what comes in every order? With every order of the lobster tails bouquet kit you get four or six lobster tails, a festive wax paper, skewers, a Valentine’s tag, and a burlap wrap. Once you put your bouquet together, present it to your lobster lover and maybe even offer up a collection of recipes to create the perfect dish with those tails.

And yes, this kit can be shipped nationwide, making it perfect as a gift this Valentine’s Day no matter where you are in the country.

I am pretty excited about this entire kit. Not only as a lobster fan, but also as someone who thinks that it is a lot of fun to think outside the box when it comes to getting romantic.

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What do you think of a lobster tail bouquet? Would you give this as a gift to someone? Tell us in the comments below.