Ranking the best Holiday 2021 sweets from Hershey’s and more: Which candy is the best new addition?

KIT KAT® Gingerbread Cookie Flavored Miniatures
KIT KAT® Gingerbread Cookie Flavored Miniatures /

Hershey’s has done it again! The brand is making holiday wishes come true this year with its Holiday 2021 chocolate and candy lineup! This is truly Hershey’s best and largest lineup yet, and we rank them all, below!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! When Hershey’s releases its holiday candy, we’re all full of cheer. This year, there are some fantastic new additions of sweets, as well as the return of 2020 favorites — and one returning favorite with a twist.

We receive many packages throughout the year, but one of our favorite press mails are definitely boxes from Hershey’s. These are always a fun surprise, not to mention, deliciously sweet.

What’s new this holiday season from Hershey’s? We list every new candy this year, below, beginning with our most favorite. But make no mistake, least favorite does not mean we didn’t love it. We just don’t love is as much as the others — this was no easy list to put together.

From Kit Kat, Reese’s and more, here are the best Holiday 2021 sweet.

What’s new at Hershey’s this Christmas?

Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates with Grinch

Same, iconic Hershey’s taste? yes! But we are ranking it at the top for its creativity! These are gorgeous. And who doesn’t love the Grinch? These special kisses look amazing in a candy jar. They are also perfect for Christmas goodie bags. We also love the Grinch Foils Cane.

Reese’s Peanut Brittle Flavored Cups

For the first time ever, two iconic desserts are coming together. It’s a pretty big deal! Reese’s Peanut Brittle Flavored Cups are going to change the chocolate game. They are simply delicious.

Hershey's 2021
Hershey’s Sugar Cookie Flavored Bar /

KIT KAT Gingerbread Cookie Miniatures

These chocolates may be minis, but they pack a punch! KIT KAT Gingerbread Cookie Miniatures give you chocolate and gingerbread in one. You’ll love them.

Hershey’s Sugar Cookie Flavored Bar

Remember the Sugar Cookie Kisses from Hershey’s last year? It became an instant favorite! We loved it so much that the brand is giving us a full-size Sugar Cookie Bar!

York Peppermint Pattie Snowflakes

For the first time ever, York has a shape! Enjoy the same flavor in these snowflake-shaped chocolate mints.

Hershey's 2021
Reese’s Peanut Brittle Flavored Cups /


Whoppers has gotten a makeover! These boxes are so cute and make fun gifts and stocking stuffers. The new Whoppers Snowballs feature malted milk balls wrapped in a new vanilla-flavored creme.

Reese’s Snack Size Trees Giant Gift Box

We love Reese’s! We are only ranking this low because it’s a giant tree gift box with small Reese’s trees, a fun gift! But not a giant Reese’s tree (imagine that!).

Which Holiday sweet are you the most excited to try this season?

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