Friday Favorites: Cinnabon elevates the classic cinnamon roll at every turn

Classic Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls. Image courtesy of Cinnabon
Classic Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls. Image courtesy of Cinnabon /

When it comes to the classic cinnamon roll, it is hard to say something bad. But once you’ve tried a Cinnabon cinnamon roll, everyone else pales in comparison.

Every once in a while, we find ourselves wanting to spotlight a favorite guilty eat. It is a sweet treat or a savory bite that is more than just good, it is a favorite. It is the item that we can’t resist, we go back for more of, or that we just find ourselves drooling over because of just how good it is.

And it should come as no surprise that Cinnabon is getting a spotlight shone on their cinnamon rolls as a Friday Favorite. Not only do they have a wide menu of deliciousness, but every single time we snag a CinnaSweeties, a Cinnamon Churro, or a classic Cinnamon Roll, we get perfection.

Every single bite of a Cinnabon cinnamon roll is that perfect blend of fluffy baked good with sweet and spicy finish. It’s ooey-gooey deliciousness done right.

Cinnabon delivers perfect Cinnamon Rolls everytime

So what are our best of the best favorites when it comes to the Cinnabon menu?

Obviously a Classic Roll is at the top of our list, but in a close second we have the Center of the Roll, which was like the epitome of the perfect bite. Both of these menu items take the classic baked good to a whole new level.

But then we have the Cinnabon Stix and CinnaSweeties, both of which satisfy our cravings, whether we are on the run, walking through the mall (okay, who else misses just being able to spend a few hours walking the mall while snacking and shopping?!), or just sitting at home binge watching our favorite shows.

With all four of these menu items, we get the perfect amount of cinnamon and sweet to get our taste bids dancing, while also making us wish we had stocked up! And yes, I can admit that once I finish my Cinnabon treats, I am mad at myself for not getting more.

While I have always loved a fresh cinnamon roll straight out of the oven, once I tried Cinnabon, I was hooked. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I can always find a candle that smells like a cinnamon roll if I want my house to smell like I have been baking all day!

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What do you think fellow Guilty Eaters? Are you a fan of Cinnabon and their fresh baked cinnamon rolls? What’s your favorite item on their menu? We need to know!