Oui by Yoplait takes their glass jars to an elegant new level

Limited-Edition French Florals Collection from Oui by Yoplait. Image courtesy Yoplait
Limited-Edition French Florals Collection from Oui by Yoplait. Image courtesy Yoplait /

Oui by Yoplait is our go-to yogurt for so many reasons. From the decadent, creamy yogurt itself to the glass jars, it’s elegant deliciousness. The fact that this is a French Style Yogurt just means that we are getting next level yogurt that could easily take on any custard or dessert.

However, while we are already pretty much obsessed with Oui yogurt, now they have us even more enamored.

And why is that? Because they have taken their glass jars to a whole new level of beauty and elegance with the help of French florals (makes perfect sense right?).

That’s right, Oui by Yoplait has added beautiful floral designs to their glass jars! And not only does that mean we can add a bit of beauty to our breakfast (or snacking) routines, but this also means that when we are done eating this yogurt, the jar is perfect for so much more.

Oui by Yoplait released a limited edition collection of French Floral designed jars

Inspired by three different areas of France and the flowers found in these regions, these Oui by Yoplait jars are a stunning look the beauty of the country. So what exactly can we find on these limited edition jars of yogurt?

One jar features Paris Magnolias. Another jar gives us the French Alps Globe Flowers. And finally, we have the third jar which gives us Provence Lavenders.

In the past, Oui has given us plenty of tips for what to do with their jars after we enjoy the decadent yogurt they contain. But this time, we can’t help but just want to take each one, enjoy the yogurt (because hello deliciousness), and get it nice and clean so we can put it on display on a window sill. And if we can get multiples of these gorgeous jars, we may just have to use them for candles!

We love how delicious Oui yogurt is, but when it comes to the containers themselves, they pull us in every time because we can’t resist the jars. (And yes, I have a collection that may be getting a little out of control.)

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Have you see the new and limited edition Oui by Yoplait French Florals jars in a store near you? Are you a fan of these jars? What do you do with your Oui jars? We want to know.