Celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day with a deal from 7-Eleven

Pi Day deal on Pizza. Image courtesy of 7-Eleven
Pi Day deal on Pizza. Image courtesy of 7-Eleven /

September 20 is the ultimate day for the guilty eaters! That’s because it is National Pepperoni Pizza Day. And if you love pizza as much as 7-Eleven does, then you may be excited to learn that they want to help us celebrate this ooey-gooey, cheesy goodness with a delicious deal.

When it comes to pizza, we tend to love it all (it is our guilty eat after all), even those Hawaiian pizzas that are so divisive. But, there is something about pepperoni pizza that is hard to resist. It is because of our inability to resist the magic that is a hot and fresh pepperoni pizza that we are excited to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day with a tasty deal.

Luckily for us, we have 7-Eleven to get us through this day of indulgence. And with a deal that isn’t just good for one day either.

So what is this delicious deal and how long can we enjoy it?

Check out this National Pepperoni Pizza Day deal from 7-Eleven

According to the press email we received from 7-Eleven,

"As part of 7-Eleven’s Fuel Your Fandom Contest, pizza lovers can order two different Gameday Bundles for delivery through the 7NOW app! Enjoy Erin Andrew’s Gameday Bundle (any large pizza and 16 boneless wings for $10) or Dak Prescott’s Bundle (any large pizza and 4 Big Gulp drinks for $10)."

On top of the actual deal itself, they are also rewarding people who use their app to order these bundles with 20 entries into the Fandom Sweepstakes. (If you aren’t familiar with the details of this sweepstakes, it seems that you could potentially win “a spot on 7-Eleven’s Superfan Influencer Team and an $11,000 signing bonus.”)

Now we don’t know about you, but this all seems like a big win to us. Not only can we get a delicious deal that we can celebrate our love of pepperoni pizza with, but we could even win big.

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What do you think fellow pizza lovers? Are you ready to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day? Where will you be getting your pizza from? We want to know!