HARIBO brings the Rainbow Worms and Z!NG Sour Kicks

Haribo US Rainbow Worms. Image courtesy Haribo
Haribo US Rainbow Worms. Image courtesy Haribo /

Whether we are looking for a sweet treat, a snack on the run, or the perfect movie night treat, HARIBO knows what we want. And as part of their latest release, they are giving us not one, but two new bags of gummy candy deliciousness.

Not only do we get a fresh bag of Rainbow Worms, but we also get a sour gummy that is making our mouth water. Thanks to the Z!NG Sour Kicks, we are getting a sweet treat that also gives us that kick we love (we do love our sour and sweet treats).

Maybe it is the packaging for these new HARIBO gummies, but just looking at these two bags makes us smile. And it also helps that this is a company that always delivers when it comes to flavor and quality.

HARIBO introduces us to two new sweet treats – Rainbow Worms and Z!NG Sour Kicks

Haribo US Sour Gummmies. Image courtesy Haribo /

So what are we loving the most about these gummies? Let me give you the run down and you’ll understand.

  • Rainbow Worms – This is the first time that the company has released a gummy worm candy. So that alone is enough to ramp up the excitement. Of course, the other thing we love is the flavors that these worms give us. According to the press email we received, “Rainbow Worms feature a five-color rainbow effect with three flavors – Strawberry (red), Lemon (yellow) and Black Currant (blue).”
  • Z!NG Sour Kicks – First of all these are sneaker shaped gummies, which is already super cute. But, according to the company, “Sour Kicks are HARIBO’s first Z!NG product featuring an undusted sour experience. This means half the mess but all the pucker-worthy flavors. These sneaker-shaped gummies will be in five popular flavors: Orange, Grape, Raspberry, Strawberry and Lemon.”

As a fan of gummy candies and especially sour gummy candies, these are definitely a must for the wishlist. And we can’t wait to get our hands on a bag of each of these new additions to the HARIBO family of gummy candies.

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What do you think fellow guilty eaters? Are you excited for two gummy candy options? Which one are you excited to try first? Are you a sour gummy or a regular gummy fan? Let us know.