Shake Shack announces the arrival of two Black Truffle menu items

When we think of Shake Shack, we think of delicious burgers, decadent shakes, and crispy, salty fries. But just in time for the end of 2021, it looks like they have decided to shake things up a bit (can’t resist a good foodie pun). And how are they doing that? By giving us two new, limited edition menu items of course.

According to a press email we received, Shake Shack is bringing delicious flavors to their menu for a limited time and it is all about the Black Truffle.

Introducing their Parmesan Garlic Fries with Black Truffle Sauce (obviously it is more about the sauce than the fries themselves here) and the Black Truffle Burger. And yes, customers can start snagging these new menu items from Shake Shack as soon as October 12, as long as they use the ShakeApp, with the official launch coming October 15 on a nationwide scale.

So what are these two menu items exactly and why are we already obsessed?

Shake Shack announces the arrival of two Black Truffle menu items for a limited time

Shake Shack

Shake Shack adds Black Truffles to the menu with the arrival of Parmesan Garlic Fries with Black Truffle Sauce

The Black Truffle Burger is “a gruyere cheeseburger topped with our real black truffle sauce and crispy shallots on a toasted potato .” And if that doesn’t get your taste buds drooling I don’t know what will!

For the Parmesan Garlic Fries with Black Truffle Sauce, we get “crispy crinkle cuts topped with garlic parmesan cheese, served with our real black truffle sauce on the side.” We love a crispy dish of fries, and once you add in the cheese, garlic, and black truffle sauce and you have absolute magic on your hands.

If you use the app, you can check out these new items starting now. But for their nationwide release, it seems that we can get our hands on both items from October 15 until January 10. This means that if you love black truffle, you’ll want to head to your local Shake Shack quickly. Of course, you have a few months, but why limit yourself to only once or twice when you can enjoy almost a full three months with these items.

What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are you excited for this pairing? Will you be heading to a local Shake Shack to get your hands on this deliciousness? (I know I will!) Let us know what you think in the comments.