Is Bobby Flay really worth $100 million?

Bobby Flay on Beat Bobby Flay. Image Courtesy Food Network
Bobby Flay on Beat Bobby Flay. Image Courtesy Food Network /

The foodie universe seems to still be abuzz with the news that Chef Bobby Flay and Food Network have decided to part ways come the new year. After almost three decades Flay will no longer be a part of the network’s programming.

It was reported that it was money that caused the split, with Flay asking for more than Food Network was willing to pay. In the end, the cabler decided to move forward without one of their most recognized personalities, leaving Flay to find somewhere else to cook his Southwestern cuisine.

But exactly how far apart were the two parties? And how much was Flay looking for from Food Network to stay? It turns out that the numbers are kind of jaw dropping.

It is being reported by People that Flay was looking for something close to $100 million to stay with Food Network. Specifically he was seeking a deal that was higher then the $80 million contract Guy Fieri inked with the network earlier this year which made him the highest paid chef on cable.

Is Bobby Flay worth Food Network paying him $100 million?

So that begs the big question: is Flay worth that kind of money? And is it fair to compare what he brings to Food Network to what Fieri brings? Because if foodies are being honest with themselves, no matter how much they might like Flay and/or may despise Fieri, there just isn’t any comparison.

Guy Fieri is the engine of hours and hours worth of shows, including Guy’s Grocery Games and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives just to name two. He also spearheads the ratings smash Tournament of Champions and has a legion of fellow chefs and friends he can call on to appear on any of his series.

Most notably, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Fieri smartly was able to make changes to his shows in order to continue production. The altered series never missed a beat and some might say were even a bit more entertaining with the changes.

While Flay has worked on a number of projects for Food Network, the numbers and time invested just don’t compare to what Fieri has accomplished. At least not enough to warrant a $100 million payday. Yes, Beat Bobby Flay is fun and Bobby and Giada in Italy, which was developed for the Discovery Plus streaming platform, was kind of engaging, but when stacked against what Fieri does year in and year out, the answer is obvious.

Would the new contract made the investment worth it for Food Network? It’s tough to say. You would have to think we would have seen a lot more Flay produced and inspired programming and maybe a larger commitment of his time, but we’ll likely never know.

I am a big Bobby Flay fan and I’ve talked about how I think he will end up on one of the other streaming services, cooking up food that his fans will love. But $100 million is a ton of money to ask Food Network to pay. Maybe the network made the right decision to move on.

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