Could Bobby Flay eventually land on Peacock?

It’s been a week now since the news broke that Chef Bobby Flay and Food Network are going to part ways and it is still all anyone in the foodie world is talking about. Most agree that losing Flay could be a huge blow to Food Network and any way you look at it, it marks the end of an era.

However, when it comes to Bobby Flay, opinion seems to be that he will be just fine. In fact, the odds are that he will in fact be much better than fine. Because now he can take full control over his media empire and reshape it for the future and what he wants it to be.

Of course, to do that he will need a partner. Someone who is willing to give Flay a place to create not just a new show, but possibly an entire lineup of shows. The iconic chef has been around long enough and is popular enough that a “Bobby Flay Channel” could be a real thing.

But it won’t be through your local cable provider. As everyone is aware, the future lies in streaming. And of the major streamers, the two most likely to make Flay an offer to create original content for them is Netflix and Peacock.

And if I was a betting man, I would put all my money on Peacock.

Why Bobby Flay partnering with Peacock makes perfect sense.

Netflix does have a wide array of foodie shows, such as Somebody Feed Phil and the Great British Baking Show, but Peacock has what many consider the King of Foodie TV, Top Chef. And not just Top Chef but all the assorted variations including the new Top Chef Family Style, created exclusively for the streamer.

Combine that with the fact the Peacock is still considered the new kid on the block and they may be willing to make Flay an offer he can’t refuse. An offer to give him the money he couldn’t get from Food Network to create the type of programming he wants.

Of course, Netflix does have a ton of cash to spend too, so there is every chance he could end up there. Regardless of which streamer he ends up with, you can be sure we’re going to see more then just a rehash of Grillin’ and Chillin’.

For a chef with Flay’s across the board appeal to people who may not be foodies, we could be looking at another Gordon Ramsay. Think of Flay doing a Hell’s Kitchen type show where he works with younger chefs. Similar to when he was on Worst Cooks in America except these people can actually cook.

Or maybe a television version Always Hungry, the podcast that he does with his daughter Sophie. One part cooking show, one part foodie culture experience. The possibilities are endless. Any way you look at it, television viewers have not seen the last of Bobby Flay. In fact, we could soon see the beginning of something much bigger then what we saw on Food Network.

Food Network’s loss will be the foodie world’s gain.

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