Get ready for winter with the Superfood Latte Brand Blume’s new seasonal flavor

Adaptogenic Mint Cocoa From Superfood Latte Brand Blume
Adaptogenic Mint Cocoa From Superfood Latte Brand Blume /

Are you ready for winter and the colder months? Do you need something new to sip on? Have you heard of the Superfood Latte brand Blume? Thanks to the arrival of their latest seasonal flavor, we are ready to get cozy as we head into the cold months of winter.

When it comes to finding the perfect drink during winter, we are always searching for something new to enjoy. And that is where Blume comes in.

While there are plenty of drinks and drink mixes on the market that tout their health benefits, sometimes their flavors are less than enticing. But that’s not the case with this Superfood Latte brand.

And during winter, what is one of the first hot and cozy drinks we think of? For us, the answer is hot chocolate. But sometimes you want to shake things up. And what better way to do than with a vegan twist on the classic?

Blume introduces their new Mint Cocoa flavor

Adaptogenic Mint Cocoa From Superfood Latte Brand Blume /

Starting on October 22, we are getting winter a little bit early. And that is because Blume is giving us their new Mint Cocoa flavor that will satisfy our hot chocolate cravings with added health benefits to make us feel less guilty.

According to the press email we received, the Mint Cocoa flavor is described as,

"Softly minty and rich with the chocolate flavor you know and love. Packed with cocoa, peppermint, and ground maca root to give your digestion an extra boost while balancing your hormones and supporting your mood."

The Mint Cocoa flavor comes in a bag giving us 30 servings for $25, meaning each cup of cocoa is under $1.

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but this launch is exciting for a lot of reasons. Not only does it sound delicious, but the fact that it comes from a company known for giving us healthy drink options makes it a must try at least once.

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