ALDI takes their award-winning products to the next level by making them candles

Aldi Fan Favorite Candles. Image courtesy Aldi
Aldi Fan Favorite Candles. Image courtesy Aldi /

We know all about ALDI Finds and their award winning products (and if you don’t, you should), but now they are taking that to a whole new level. And what better way to do that than by taking those foods and beverages we love so much, and making them into candles?

That’s right ALDI fans, they are transforming some of our favorite award-winning products and giving us candles inspired by those scents. Introducing the Fan Favorites Collection of Candles! At this point, the store is giving us four delicious candles inspired by such treats as Mama Cozzi’s Take & Bake Pizza and the Friendly Farms Oatmilk. (The other two candle scents are Belle Vie Passionfruit Sparkling Water and the Clancy’s Mesquite Barbecue Kettle Chips.)

Considering these are award winning items straight off of the store shelves, it makes sense that they would start with these flavors. And with these candles, they can help us take our eating experience to a whole new level. This is about giving us a truly immersive sensory experience with our favorite food and drink items.

But the real question is how can we get our hands on these candles?

ALDI introduces their new Fan Favorites Collection Candles

Fan Favorite Candles. Image courtesy Aldi /

Unfortunately, these candles won’t be available in stores, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance to get these delicious smelling soy-wax candles. In the press emails we received, we learned that ALDI has a plan for these very special candles.

On October 25, ALDI is launching their very first Facebook Group, a link to the group will be shared to the ALDI Facebook page and their Instagram page. In their group, they will be hosting a giveaway for these candles.

According to Aldi’s press release,

"To celebrate the launch, ALDI is hosting an exclusive Fan Favorites candle giveaway for 100 lucky fans who will be randomly selected and notified in the group the second week of November. As these candles won’t be sold in stores, the only way for fans to get their hands on this limited-edition collection is by joining ALDI Insiders and entering the giveaway."

Now, as a fan of the store, I am already excited for a new Facebook Group dedicated to all things ALDI. And the fact that there will also be a giveaway for these Fan Favorites Candles makes it even more exciting.

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But what do you think Guilty Eaters? What do you think of these new, limited edition candle scents? Which scent do you think sounds the best? Will you be joining the Facebook Group and entering for a chance to win these candles? We want to know.