Partake Brewing’s ‘Cheers to Adulting’ campaign challenges perceptions

Partake Brewing selection. Image courtesy Partake Brewing
Partake Brewing selection. Image courtesy Partake Brewing /

Adulting isn’t easy, but Partake Brewing wants to change our perception of it — and of non-alcoholic beverages in general. Far too often alcohol is seen as a rite of passage in social spaces, and those who don’t partake are judged or questioned about it.

Partake Brewing seeks to change that with its non-alcoholic brews, offering an alternative option for those who have plenty of adulting to do — one that still looks and tastes like beer, but isn’t!

And the Cheers to Adulting campaign drives home the point that choosing a non-alcoholic drink doesn’t make anyone a “naysayer” or “party pooper.”

Partake Brewing introduces us to their ‘Cheers to Adulting’ campaign

Working in partnership with record lg2, Partake Brewing is delivering that message through digital and social media content. Dubbing themselves the “official beer of adulthood,” they’re proving that it is possible to have a social life without drinking.

Hopefully, that revelation will last beyond Sober October.

Ted Fleming, founder and CEO of Partake Brewing, emphasized that the company always strived to make being sober “commonplace in social settings.” He went on to explain what the company hopes to achieve with its new campaign, which is all about empowering those who aren’t drinking, whatever their reason:

"“Through Cheers to Adulting, we’re showing people that they don’t have to apologize for who they are or where they are in life. We’re empowering them to reach for a great-tasting, low calorie, non-alcoholic beer and to feel proud about their drinking choice whether they choose to cut back or to not drink alcohol at all.”"

It’s a great point to make, especially heading into all the gatherings of the holiday season. Check out Partake Brewing’s lineup of non-alcoholic beer on the company’s website.

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What do you think of Partake Brewing’s latest campaign? Are you interested in trying their non-alcoholic beers? Sound off in the comments below!