Samuel Adams’ latest beer is out of this world and limited

Samuel Adam Space Craft. Image courtesy Samuel Adam
Samuel Adam Space Craft. Image courtesy Samuel Adam /

When it comes to brewing up classic beers, along with specialty sips that are unlike anything around, Samuel Adams is in a league of their own. And now, they are literally going out of this world with their latest brew.

Introducing the first ever beer brewed with hops from space. According to a press email, we learned that Samuel Adams has released an out of this world, limited edition brew called Space Craft.

So what makes this IPA so “out of this world?” How about the fact that it was brewed with 66 pounds of hops that had been to outer space? That’s right, this beer is made with hops that traveled “over 300 miles above Earth on the first-ever all-civilian space mission last month.”

While not yet, the Samuel Adams Space Craft brew will be available for fans to “experience this stellar brew starting November 16 and November 17 on draft at both the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery and downtown Boston taproom.” Plus, this beer can also be purchased nationwide thanks to the breweries partnership with Give Them Beer. This means that even if you are not near Boston or Cincinnati, you can still enjoy a beer that has essentially been to space.

Samuel Adams brews up their new Space Craft beer with hops that have been to space

Samuel Adams
Samuel Adam Space Craft. Image courtesy Samuel Adam /

For this limited edition beer, you can expect to taste passionfruit, guava, and grapefruit notes. However, while it offers us tropical notes, it also has a classic bitterness that makes this beer stand out from a crowd.

Just like these hops spent two days, 23 hours, and 3 minutes in space, a four pack of Space Craft will cost you $22.33.

If you want to get your hands on this special brew, you’ll want to hurry. Pre-orders began on October 29 and we don’t know how long we will be able to get our hands on this beer, especially considering just how limited these hops really are.

Honestly, we are just as obsessed with the gorgeous packaging as we are the story behind this beer. And the fact that the cans give us alien vibes has us even more excited to get our hands on a pack of this brew. But what do you think of this IPA and its packaging?

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What do you think Guilty Eats nation? Are we curious about this space brew? Will you order some of this limited edition Samuel Adams beer?