Smoothie King launches a new immune supporting smoothie for the holidays

Smoothie King Debuts New Immune Supporting Smoothie!
Smoothie King Debuts New Immune Supporting Smoothie! /

Smoothie King is bringing a new smoothie to their menu for a limited time and it is all about supporting our immune health this holiday season.

According to a press email we received, beginning on November 2, Smoothie King will be giving us their new Immune Builder Orange Smoothie. This smoothie was designed to be rich in antioxidants that support our immune system during a time of year when we need it most.

So what exactly do we need to know about the new Immune Builder Orange Smoothie? Well according to Smoothie King,

"This new, purpose-driven blend introduces an OJ-based smoothie to Smoothie King’s menu and is made with no added sugar and clean, high-quality ingredients guests will love and feel great about, like a Florida Valencia Orange juice blend, an apple pineapple juice blend, bananas, mangoes, and a proprietary Immune Support Enhancer."

Smoothie King introduces their new, limited edition Immune Builder Orange Smoothie

Want to try this new smoothie without feeling like you are committing to anything? Then maybe you want to try it for free!

From November 2 until November 4, Healthy Rewards app members will be able to get their hands on a free 12 ounce cup of this new smoothie. This also means that you are getting to try this new smoothie early, which is a win-win, because if you find yourself falling in love with the flavor of this orange juice inspired smoothie, then you can enjoy it all season long (while available).

And don’t forget, there is one more way to enjoy this smoothie – brought straight to you! That’s right, thanks to their new delivery partners, you can head to the Smoothie King website and place an order for the Immune Builder Orange Smoothie for delivery.

All things considered, we are pretty excited by this news and launch. And we can’t wait to get our hands on one for ourselves so we can give it a sip. We love orange juice and being able to get this flavor in a smoothie that touts its ability to boost our immune system sounds like a win to us.

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But what do you think? Is this a smoothie for you? Will you be giving this new Smoothie King drink a try for yourself? We want to hear your thoughts.