Smoothie King wants to help you refuel this winter with HIIT Fit Smoothies

Photo: Smoothie King's Chocolate Cinnamon Smoothie.. Image Courtesy Smoothie King
Photo: Smoothie King's Chocolate Cinnamon Smoothie.. Image Courtesy Smoothie King /

For many of us, our determination to be healthy and active in the winter is in full swing and Smoothie King wants to help with HIIT Fit Smoothies.

Whether you are still working on your New Year’s Resolutions or not, for many of us the desire to live healthier lives is always present. And luckily we have companies like Smoothie King that want to help.

As part of their desire to help all of us refuel this winter, the company has launched two new smoothies that have everything we need to get back the energy we may have depleted from a solid workout.

The HIIT Fit Smoothies from Smoothie King come in two delectable flavors – the Chocolate Cinnamon and Veggie Mango. And what makes these smoothies so perfect as a refuel tool is the fact that they offer us the perfect blend of 40 percent Carbs, 30 percent protein, and 30 percent fat. But that’s not all that makes this perfect refuel, as it also features FITAID + Paleo Protein. All of which combines to nourish your body after a workout.

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Without the addition of sugars and syrups, these smoothies deliver real ingredients that are wholesome and healthy. And that’s not all, as they also deliver on flavor too, which is a must. These Paleo-friendly smoothies are everything we could have hoped for and more, and that is why we are thrilled by this product’s arrival.

Smoothie King has long been one of our destinations for healthy drinks that satisfy our cravings, deliver on quality, and also taste delicious. And with the addition of the Veggie Mango and Chocolate Cinnamon Smoothies, they continue this tradition.

With over 1,000 locations across the country, we can all get a taste of deliciousness post workout. And honestly, we are totally here for that Chocolate Cinnamon.

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Are you a Smoothie King fan? What’s your favorite smoothie? Will you be giving the HIIT Fit Smoothies a try after your next workout? Tell us what you think in the comments.