Perdue releases THANKSDIPPINGS Sauces to go with their THANKSNUGGETS

Perdue Thanksnuggets and Thanksdipping sauces. Image courtesy Perdue
Perdue Thanksnuggets and Thanksdipping sauces. Image courtesy Perdue /

In September, Perdue announced the return of their THANKSNUGGETS, turkey nuggets perfect for getting in the Thanksgiving spirit. And now, for a limited time, with the purchase of the THANKSNUGGETS customers can get their hands on some special THANKSDIPPINGS Sauces.

In 2020, when Perdue first released their THANKSNUGGETS, they sold out within minutes. But for 2021, they have decided to add a little more fun to the mix. And when the THANKSNUGGETS release for sale on November 5, we will be able to get something special to compliment those nuggets.

What better way to enjoy nuggets is there than with a dipping sauce? That’s where the new THANKSDIPPINGS Sauces come in. Introducing the new sauces in CranBBQ and Spiced Apple Honey Mustard.

Perdue is giving us new THANKSDIPPINGS Sauces to pair with their THANKSNUGGETS

With the CranBBQ, we get a dipping sauce that is reminiscent of cranberry sauce, but with a delicious barbecue twist. And then we have the Spiced Apple Honey Mustard, which they compare to an apple and herb stuffing, and really does live up to the idea of.

Basically, these are the perfect sauces to pair with such delicious nuggets. And the fact that both of these flavor profiles are perfect for turkey just makes them even more amazing in terms of being the way to go for getting our turkey nugget dipping on.

According to the Perdue Premium Prepared Foods VP of Marketing, ““We were inspired to create this fun complement to THANKSNUGGETS by listening to consumers’ reactions to the launch of these unique nuggets last year. People wanted to know what they should dip the seasonal nuggets in, and some even offered creative suggestions.”

If you want to get your hands on the THANKSNUGGETS and their new counterparts, the THANKSDIPPINGS Sauces, then you’ll want to head to the Perdue Farms THANKSNUGGETS page on November 5 starting at 9 a.m. EST.

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We know we want to get our hands on these sauces and nuggets, but what about you? Will you be attempting to get your hands on this year’s deliciousness? Let us know.