Glitter Cranberry Sauce exists to bring a bit of sparkle and booze to the holidays


There is a Glitter Cranberry Sauce on the market and it is more than just your typical side dish for Thanksgiving thanks to its boozy, glittery makeover.

Every year around Thanksgiving, many of us head out to stores in order to grab all of the fixings for a Turkey dinner. And one thing most of us have to have is the cranberry sauce. But this year, this Turkey trimming is getting a luxurious makeover thanks to Glitter Cranberry Sauce.

Honestly, the names says it all – Glitter Cranberry Sauce. We are talking about a jar of sparkly goodness, that has every intention of jazzing up your Thanksgiving feast. But here is the thing, this is not just a jar of sparkly cranberry sauce, this is also infused with vodka.

According to Delish, Firebox is selling the Glitter Cranberry Sauce for $12.99, and what it gets you is a jar of pure awesomeness. And it’s not just the fact that there is glitter and Vodka that makes this sauce impressive, it is also vegan. Beyond the vodka, edible glitter, and cranberry, there is also orange zest, which gives this sauce the bit of zing it needs to be anything but ordinary.

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Forget relegating your cranberry sauce to a sad little lump on your plate, with Glitter Cranberry Sauce it becomes a star of the show. Not only because of its glittery nature either, but also thanks to its boozy appeal.

Of course, with the addition of vodka to the sauce, you will want to keep this away from children, but why would you want to share this anyway?

However, don’t get too excited, as Glitter Cranberry Sauce is currently not available to be shipped to the United States. (We are just as depressed by this news as you probably are!) In fact, Firebox offers a few different products we think would be amazing to try, including one called Unicorn Blood that happens to be another glittery jelly, this time made with rose and gin.

Of course, just because they can’t ship this product to us, that doesn’t mean we can’t take inspiration from it and try to make our own sparkly cranberry sauce. After all, how hard can it be?

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If the Glitter Cranberry Sauce was available in the US would you get it? Would you try to make your own version of this sauce for Thanksgiving? Tell us what you think in the comments.