Grazy helps us elevate the holidays with snacking boards and a Brie kit

Medium Grazing Board Box from Grazy
Medium Grazing Board Box from Grazy /

Are you looking for a tasty way to elevate the holidays? Then you may want some Grazy in your life (and in your kitchen).

But what is Grazy? According to the press email we received, it is “a woman-run grazing board and gifting company located in Boston’s South End.” Think of this as a company that helps to deliver all the things you need for the perfect charcuterie boards curated straight from the farm.

With Grazy, it is all about providing customers with “uplifting experiences rooted in local foods and products.” Available in a variety of sizes and even different options that are perfect for vegans and meat eaters alike, there is something special about being able to order a small or large box of fresh produce, nuts, dried fruits, and even cured meats or crackers either for yourself or someone else.

But Grazy doesn’t just stop at giving us all the fixings for grazing and a charcuterie set up. On top of the grazing boxes, they also have things like the Artisan Cheese and Cured Meat Board, the Old Fashioned Kit, and even a Farm Fresh Popcorn Set. But then there is also their Baked Brie Kit, which we are definitely excited about.

Grazy delivers charcuterie ready boxes straight to our door this holiday season

The Baked Brie Kit from Grazy /

While I love a charcuterie set up and you can never go wrong with meats and cheese, it is definitely their Baked Brie Kit that I am here for! Specifically, it is called the Grazy Holiday New England Brown Butter Cranberry Baked Brie Gift Kit. Sounds amazing right?

Maybe it is the Brown Butter part of it or even the Cranberry, but all together, we are talking about a delicious opportunity to whip something up in the kitchen that everyone can enjoy. And while this kit serves six, there is nothing that says you can’t snag an extra one just in case or even save this kit for yourself.

Honestly, we love everything that Grazy has to offer and for the holidays, it seems like the perfect time to get our grazing on. And if we happen to share with loved ones and have a grazing box or a Baked Brie Kit sent their way, it might just be the perfect gift this season.

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Have you heard of Grazy before? Will you be giving the company a try for yourself or for a friend? Let us know below.