Hormel Black Label Bacon teams up with Coolio for their latest innovation

Hormel Black Label Bacon releases limited edition bacon scented wrapping paper and a Wrappin' with Coolio video for the holidays
Hormel Black Label Bacon releases limited edition bacon scented wrapping paper and a Wrappin' with Coolio video for the holidays /

When it comes to innovation, Hormel Black Label Bacon seems to be on the top of their game (remember when they created the breathable bacon face mask?). And for the holidays, they have teamed up with Coolio to get people excited about their latest creation – Bacon Gift-Wrapping Paper.

This wrapping paper doesn’t just look like bacon either, it also smells like bacon! That’s right we finally have a wrapping paper that smells as good as it looks. And even Coolio himself is wrapping with Hormel this season.

On top of being the face of this exciting launch, Coolio also hosted a very special “Wrappin’ with Coolio” video which offered up the perfect way to combine our love of bacon with the traditional turkey dinner this Thanksgiving. (You can watch the video down below.)

So how can you get your hands on the Hormel Black Label Bacon Wrapping Paper? From now until Black Friday, which is November 26,

"bacon lovers can register for the chance to win limited-edition Black Label Bacon Wrapping Paper by visiting www.WrappedbyBlackLabel.com. In addition to sheets of bacon-scented wrapping paper, lucky winners will also receive gift tags and decorative ribbon – all within a bacon weave patterned gift box."

Wrap your gifts in bacon this holiday season with the help of Hormel Black Label Bacon

Hormel Black Label Bacon releases limited edition bacon scented wrapping paper /

And you really will want to get your hands on this wrapping paper, because not only will it give you the ultimate show of bacon love, but even Coolio himself will be using this wrapping paper on gifts this season. How do we know this? Because we asked him!

That’s right, we had the chance to speak to Coolio about this partnership and honestly, we have never wanted to get in the kitchen more than we did after talking to him. Not only did he talk about this limited edition bacon-inspired wrapping paper, but he also talked about his next cookbook (his first cookbook was released in 2009 and is available on Amazon right now), and even shared some recipes that work perfectly with actual Black Label Bacon from Hormel.

At one point in our conversation, I asked him about what he would consider his favorite bacon dish, which led down the most delicious rabbit hole featuring what many of us would consider the perfect breakfast (especially on the go). So what is Coolio’s favorite bacon dish? According to him,

"my go to is a traditional bacon and egg sandwich. A bacon and egg sandwich with the egg medium over. Oh and butter and jelly on the toast. The bacon extra crispy. I’m talking about the bacon so crispy that if you drop it on the ground it’s shattered into a million pieces."

Sounds amazing right? It definitely left us hungry and ready to head into the kitchen to whip up a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. (And considering we were sitting next to the Hormel Black Label Bacon Wrapping Paper and were smelling cooked bacon the entire time, who can blame us.)

Honestly, if you want to cook like Coolio, get his cookbook, watch out for his next cookbook, and of course watch his “Wrappin’ with Coolio” video here:

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What do you think Guilty Eats nation? Are we here for this new Hormel innovation? Are you going to try to get your hands on some of this bacon scented wrapping paper? And are you like Coolio when it comes to how you enjoy your bacon? Let us know in the comments.