Is Uber Eats delivering on Thanksgiving Day 2021?

A sampling of dishes from Rachel Ray's Uber Eats virtual restaurant, photo provided by Uber Eats
A sampling of dishes from Rachel Ray's Uber Eats virtual restaurant, photo provided by Uber Eats /

Whether you want to skip cooking all together on Thanksgiving or you are looking to supplement before your feast, you may be wondering if Uber Eats will be delivering on November 25. After all, just because you may not be cooking a feast for the holiday, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to leave the house either.

Considering how many options for delivery there typically are on Uber Eats, it makes sense that we would want to know if they are actually going to be delivering on the holiday. Whether we just want McDonald’s brought to our door or we forgot dessert for after dinner and decide that donuts are the perfect solution, delivery is a great answer to these needs.

So will Uber Eats be delivering on Thanksgiving Day?

Will Uber Eats be available on Thanksgiving this year?

It turns out that this is a hard one to answer. The reason for this is because while they are certainly delivering on the holiday, it is still dependent on whether or not they have drivers and which restaurants are opening.

What this means is that while technically Uber Eats will be delivering on Thanksgiving Day, there may not be the full service you know and expect as there will likely be less drivers available, and there will be less stores and restaurants open to choose from.

However, as long as you don’t mind a wait and are less picky about what you are ordering (less restaurants means less choices), you are in luck. And please remember to be patient with the drivers as many of them are doing the best they can with what they have.

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