Compartes partners with Samuel Adams on a limited Utopias Bar

Samuel Adams Utopias x Compartes Chocolatier. Ben Gebo Photography
Samuel Adams Utopias x Compartes Chocolatier. Ben Gebo Photography /

In October, Samuel Adams released their biannual Utopias, their unique barrel aged beer that was finished with cherries in 2021. And now they have partnered with Compartes Chocolatiers on a limited edition chocolate bar that takes the magic of this year’s Samuel Adams Utopias to the next level.

If you have ever tried any of the chocolate bars from Compartes, then you already know that they are all about decadent quality in every bite. This is not your average chocolate bar. So it makes sense that in honor of the newest Samuel Adams Utopias release, the brewer would want to team up with one of the best chocolatiers out there.

For this limited edition chocolate bar, we get a dark chocolate that has been infused with this year’s batch of the Utopias, while also being studded with cherries. And if you have ever enjoyed chocolate covered cherries, this one is definitely for you.

Compartes x Samuel Adams Utopias chocolate bar is here for a limited time

On the Compartes website, you can snag one of these Samuel Adams Utopias infused chocolate bars for $9.95 each or you can bundle it with another bar (on my shopping page, they suggested a seasonal flavor at $11.95 which would bring my chocolate bar bundle total to $21.90).

Whether you want to snag one of these bars to get a taste of this year’s limited edition Samuel Adams Utopias or just because of the beautiful packaging, this is definitely the perfect chocolate bar to head into the holiday season with. And honestly, once you bite into this decadent bar of chocolate, you may never go back. From the chocolate covered cherries to the perfect bitterness of the dark chocolate, this was a sweet treat that delivered.

I know I am a fan of Compartes and their chocolate and I can’t wait to try some of their other flavors. (Right now my list includes the Sticky Toffee Milk Chocolate, The Gourmet Pecan Pie Bourbon Chocolate Bar, and the Compartes x Persephone Croissant Chocolate Bar.)

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Have you tried Compartes chocolate before? Are you going to give their limited edition Samuel Adams Utopias infused bar a try? Let us know.