Yogurtland is ready to swirl us into the holidays with two festive flavors

Swirl Into the Holiday Season with Yogurtland’s New Sugar Plum Berry Tart
Swirl Into the Holiday Season with Yogurtland’s New Sugar Plum Berry Tart /

Are you looking to get festive with frozen yogurt? Then you will definitely want to get your swirl on with Yogurtland’s two new festive flavors for the holidays.

Just in time for the holiday season and of course, for a limited time only, Yogurtland will be making festive magic happen with the arrival of not one, but two seasonal flavors of frozen yogurt.

And when I say these are festive flavors, I mean it. If you are a fan of Yogurtland, you already know how amazing their frozen yogurt can be, as well as how innovative they are when it comes to their flavor profiles. With these two, new flavors, they are sticking with that delicious innovativeness.

From the return of a fan favorite flavor to the introduction of a new must try, these flavors of frozen yogurt might just become our go-to all season long. So what are the two flavors we are raving about?

Yogurtland introduces their new Sugar Plum Berry Tart and brings back the White Chocolate Peppermint

Swirl Into the Holiday Season with Yogurtland’s wintery frozen yogurts /

We have to start with the returning flavor, which is the fan favorite White Chocolate Peppermint. For this festive, frozen yogurt flavor the press email we received described it as, “This winter classic combines a mix of real gourmet white chocolate and deliciously refreshing peppermint.”

Sounds like the perfect winter treat! But of course, there is the new flavor that is also a bit of winter magic. So what makes the new Sugar Plum Berry Tart so special? As the press email explains, this flavor is, “made with real plum and Marion berries for a flavor that will get you into the holiday spirit.”

With any Yogurtland treat, you get a creamy confection (of sorts) that just brings the flavor. And this time it is a festive flavor times two.

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What do you think fellow festive eaters? Are we excited for two new frozen yogurts for the holidays? Which flavor are you excited to try? Let us know what you think.