Rosanna Pansino channeled Bob Ross to create a winter painting in frosting

Thanks to social media, we have been introduced to a number of creative chefs and bakers. From their social media beginnings, many of these creative foodies have found a place in the mainstream with cookbooks, guest appearances on TV shows, and even their own shows. And one of those creatives is Rosanna Pansino, the food influencer who helped bring us the magic that is Baketopia on HBO Max.

Whether you have been following for years or found her more recently thanks to her HBO Max series, we love following Pansino’s kitchen journey. Thanks to YouTube, we get to see many of her food related projects. And for many of them, they are truly inspiring us to think outside the oven!

Which leads us to her latest creative project! In her latest YouTube video posted on December 18, Rosanna Pansino decided that it was once again time to channel her inner Bob Ross (she did this about three years earlier with a summer scene), with the help of frosting.

Rosanna Pansino recreates a Bob Ross winter scene with frosting

Not only did she replicate the different shades of paint that Ross used in his original work, but she even used a black canvas to make magic happen. And when I say she made magic happen, I truly mean it.

We are talking about a true work of art. If you didn’t know she had used frosting to create this piece, you honestly would not be able to tell the difference between real paint and the frosting she used.

The fact that she had the Bob Ross lesson going in the background as she worked and she reacted to what he was doing and saying just adds to the glory that is this amazing creation. While she does admit that this took her eight hours to create, it almost has us wanting to try our hand at a Bob Ross painting using frosting too.

Watching Pansino create such a beautiful work of art, while also having fun with it, is such a joy. It is clear that she loves what she does. She is passionate about food and being creative with it. And she brings a sense of fun to her work. Forget the fact that she recreated a Bob Ross painting with frosting, this was a pleasure to watch just because of how much fun she had doing it!

Check out Rosanna Pansino recreating a Bob Ross painting with frosting here:

What do you think Guilty Eats nation? Are we impressed with this creation? Does this leave you wanting to paint a Bob Ross scene with frosting? We want to know what your thoughts are on this creation.