Here’s how Southern Comfort gets us into the holiday spirit

Southern Comfort Unveils New Holiday Gift Items and Cocktail Recipes
Southern Comfort Unveils New Holiday Gift Items and Cocktail Recipes /

Make holiday magic happen with the perfect sips, all with the help of Southern Comfort this year. Whether it is a cocktail or eggnog, they have us covered in festive style.

And if you didn’t know, Southern Comfort isn’t just a Whiskey. In fact, in 2021, they are making sure we have a variety of things to sip on, including some delicious eggnog. And yes, that eggnog is nonalcoholic, until you actually add in the original Southern Comfort.

So here’s the thing, I am a big fan of eggnog. And I am very picky about my eggnog. But now that I have tried Southern Comfort’s nonalcoholic take on this classic holiday sip, I think this could be my new favorite brand. And if you throw in some of their Whiskey, you have festive drink that will really make the party come alive.

But beyond the Eggnog and the classic Whiskey we know and love, there are actually a few other products that has us excited for the holidays.

Southern Comfort makes holiday magic happen

Available at either BJ’s and Sam’s Club, one of the cooler gifts available from the company is the SC Liquor Chocolates Cremes. “A premium set of assorted branded alcoholic bottle-shaped chocolates with tasty filling delivered in a keepsake wooden box (includes Southern Comfort and other branded products).”

This is perfect to bring along to your holiday gatherings, straight through New Year’s Eve/Day. Bring this box, a bottle of Southern Comfort Whiskey and their Eggnog and you will be the hero of any event. At least in our eyes.

And while they also offered the Southern Comfort “24 bottles. 24 days of holiday joy,” which is their take on an Advent Calendar, we think this is a great thing to bring to your Christmas dinner or even to New Year’s Eve. Basically, snag a box and everyone can have some fun.

Last minute pick up? Make it Southern Comfort. And if you can find their eggnog in a store near you, in either their Tradition or Vanilla flavors, (and you like eggnog of course), then definitely pick up a container for any get together.

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Are you a fan of this Whiskey or their products? Did you know they made eggnog? Will you be bringing this to Christmas? Let us know.