FILLO’S adds a whole new level of flavor to the table

FILLO’S Americas Made ready-to-eat dishes
FILLO’S Americas Made ready-to-eat dishes /

Are you looking for an alternative to the typical bags of microwaveable rice? Do you enjoy trying international flavors? Have you tried FILLO’S?

In the last few months, we were introduced to the wide range of products that FILLO’S offers, which ranges from microwaveable packages of rice to a variety of beans and more. These ready to eat rice and beans take the flavor to a whole new level and offer up a variety that we rarely see in the classic brands we are all so familiar with.

However, as we head into the new year, we were looking for ways to shake up our snacking routine. And in a blog post from the company, they talked about using some of these products as a dip alternative.

As someone who loves getting the black bean dip at Mexican restaurants, the first thing we wanted to try was taking FILLO’S Cuban Black Beans and making our own dip. And that meant using a blender, throwing in the whole bag of black beans, plus some olive oil and salt and pepper. And then blending it all together into a thick dip.

FILLO’S adds new levels of flavor and flair to our tables

While we went with the black beans to make our dip, the blog post recommended trying the Sofrito Beans as well. And after the magic of the black bean dip (which was amazing), we can’t wait to try the Sofrito Beans next.

But of course, it is not just about making dips out of these ready to make products. These are also great side dishes or additions to other meals. Whether you are making a Gumbo and want to add something extra or a chili where you want beans with added flavor already, FILLO’S has us all covered.

The fact that we can make these ready to eat products as a side dish or as a dip makes these a must have for our pantry heading into a whole new year.

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Have you seen or tried FILLO’S products yet? Are you a fan of easy to make products like this? What’s your favorite?