Is Arby’s open on New Year’s Day 2022?

General view of an Arby's restaurant. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Arby's)
General view of an Arby's restaurant. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Arby's) /

Arby’s is the home to one of the best fast-food fries to ever exist. There is really no other fry that can compare to their seasoned curly fries. Not even McDonald’s can beat that. But if you’re looking to start off the new year right and want to chow down on an order of fries or a roast beef sandwich, will the fast-food restaurant be open on New Year’s Day?

Arby’s is open on New Year’s Day but the hours they are opened will be reduced. What their hours are depends on the location, so it’s probably best to call ahead of time or check their website.

But if you really need some curly fries, a Beef N’ Cheddar, or a Classic French Dip and Swiss, they will be available to order from the restaurant. You can either go there to eat, get it through the drive-thru, or order it online and pick it up at your local Arby’s.

As for New Year’s Eve, if you’re looking to add some fries to your celebration, Arby’s, no matter where they are located, will be open during their regular hours.

Arby’s is open on New Year’s Day 2022

Arby’s is generally open on most holidays including Christmas Eve, the Fourth of July, and the ever-popular Black Friday (if you count that as a holiday). So it makes sense they would be open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day despite the slight change in the hours of operation.

New Year’s Day may also be a great time to also check out the restaurant’s newest menu item, the Brisket Bacon n’ Beef Dip Sandwich. It’s like the French Drip but with way more meat. It’s available on its own or in a meal with a side of crinkle fries (which don’t even come close to the curly fry). But it’s only around for a limited time, so if you’re interested, now’s your chance.

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Will you be headed to Arby’s on New Year’s Day? What’s your usual order? Let us know in the comments below!