New Year, New You! Why It’s Just Wings needs to be your new favorite

It's Just Wings, image courtesy It's Just Wings
It's Just Wings, image courtesy It's Just Wings /

It’s a new year, foodies! This means it’s time to try new things and be daring. If you’re not feeling too adventurous, let’s start small. How about a new place for wings? If you haven’t checked out It’s Just Wings, you’re missing out. Here’s why the wing shop is our new favorite.

I noticed signs for It’s Just Wings a few weeks back and thought about checking it out. Well, It’s Just Wings read my mind and sent some my way to try. To my surprise, they were better than I thought they would be. And I don’t just mean they are delicious, there are other reasons why they’re amazing.

It’s Just Wings is tasty and affordable

Because of the pandemic, we are all busier than ever, which means we rely on fast-food and takeout a little too much and this can get costly. The prices are great and free fries come with every order. Yes, free fries! Can it get any better than that? As for the taste, delicious! It’s Just Wings has classic favorite flavors such as garlic parmesan and spicy pineapple teriyaki (I tried this one out and OMG a must-have).

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Dessert? No problem! Check out the menu HERE. It’s Just Wings has plenty of pies to select from, including Hershey’s Double Chocolate Hand Pie, the classic Cinnamon Apple Hand Pie, or get a 5-Pack Samples of Hand Pies so you don’t miss out on any flavor!

It’s Just Wings is delivery and pick-up only, convenient locations

Another downside to the pandemic is eating inside restaurants is a big no-no these days, but you don’t have to worry about that with It’s Just Wings! The wings shop has kitchens in convenient  locations (find them on DoorDash and — you can place a to-go order or have your meals delivered to your door.

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