What is Gordon Ramsay’s favorite Disney movie?

When it comes to Gordon Ramsay, there are a lot of things we think of right away. From his tough as nails Hell’s Kitchen persona to his ability to be kind and patient with the child chefs on MasterChef Junior, we know who he is in front of a camera.

And of course, we also know that he is a Michelin star chef, who currently (as of this article) holds seven Michelin stars. But how well do we really know Ramsay?

And do you know his favorite Disney movie? Thanks to The Recipe, who did a roundup of, in some cases, little known facts about the celebrity chef back in 2018, we actually do know his favorite Disney movie and it probably comes as no surprise to many.

Gordon Ramsay’s favorite Disney movie revolves around food

It seems that much like many of us, Gordon Ramsay is a fan of the Disney movie Ratatouille. And while we can’t imagine Ramsay ever truly being okay with a cooking rat, we actually understand his appreciation for this movie, after all at the heart of this film is this ability to show a realistic kitchen and what it first meant to fall in love with cooking.

Ratatouille, is more than a movie about a “rat” chef. It is about finding your passion and the power of a delicious meal. And it is a movie that has touched many a watcher over the years.

So learning that it is also Gordon Ramsay‘s favorite Disney movie is perhaps not that surprising, but it certainly warms our hearts. Especially in light of what we often see on his shows, and in particular on Hell’s Kitchen.

But we want to know, are your surprised to learn that Ratatouille is Gordon Ramsay’s favorite Disney movie? Did you think it would be something else? And are you a fan of this relatively recent Disney classic?