Top 10 Greek restaurants to try all across the USA

A bowl of greek salad at the Tops Diner in East Newark on 11/09/21.
A bowl of greek salad at the Tops Diner in East Newark on 11/09/21. /

Everyone knows Greek and Mediterranean food; lots of chicken, lots of tomatoes, lots of feta cheese, and definitely lots of different and fresh flavors. Are you a fan of Greek food?

Have you ever had some Greek food that really blew your mind? Have you been to a restaurant that just knew what they were doing and made you want to come back for more?

Some famous and most popular Greek dishes include dishes like Souvlaki (Gyros), Moussaka, Spanokopita, Lemon Chicken Soup, Grilled Meat Kebabs, and Lamb, just to name a few.

What’s your favorite dish? What’s the best Greek restaurant in your area?

Down below (in no particular order) we are going to be visiting the best Greek restaurants across the country. Let’s see if we find some of the best Greek food where you’re from!

1. Omega Ouzeri

Location: Seattle, WA

Famous Dish Spotlight: Whole Grilled Lavraki

Omega promises to not only serve delicious and authentic Greek food, but to also promise that each group and each guest enjoys and is a part of their lively Greek atmospheric fun!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? Well…starting with the “meze” category, they serve some traditional Greek-style small plates that are perfect for sharing. In other words, this is the Greek’s way to say that they are serving appetizers! Once you move past those small plates, move onto some of their most delicious main dishes that include tons of seafood, including one of their most famous: Whole Grilled Lavraki…This includes freshly grilled sea bass, crispy garlic, lemon oil, and tons of fresh herbs.

2. Kyma

Location: Atlanta, GA

Famous Dish Spotlight: Lamb Pasta

The owner and chef over at Kyma is also a best selling author of a book titled Modern Green Cooking. He promises that you’ll taste all of the absolute magic within his classic Greek dishes!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? Kyma first opened up in 2001, gaining tons and tons of National attention through their delicious food. In fact, they (Kyma) were named one of John Mariani’s choice of “Top 20 Restaurants in the Country” back in 2002, just merely a year after opening on up. Each of the 100-recipe culinary work of art also comes paired with the best possible wine pairings to go along with each dish. They not only have desserts and savory dishes galore, but they also have plenty of tasting options for those who come in undecided as well (me)! Now, as far as their Lamb Pasta goes…This includes fresh and slow braised leg of lamb, Summer fava beans, sheep’s milk cheese, and pappardelle pasta.

3. Zaytinya

Location: Washington, DC

Famous Dish Spotlight: Shish Taouk

Celebrated and celerity chef, José Andrés, directs this restaurant under his very own supervision! Not a  fan of Greek food but also enjoy Lebanese and Turkish cuisine – you’re covered over here!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? Well first of all, José André is one bad a** chef who has been on The Food Network shows a couple of times, as well as even working at a country club near where I live with one of my cousins! Second of all, Zaytinya opened up back in 2002 (so officially 20 years ago – 2 decades of Zay – woohoo) and has since been a DC favorite ever since! Now, as far as their Shish Taouk goes…This includes grilled chicken skewers, sumac (which is a flowering plant in the cashew family), onions, garlic toum (creamy sauce), and grilled tomatoes.

4. Kokkari Estiatorio

Location: San Francisco, CA

Famous Dish Spotlight: Spanakotiropita

This restaurant prides itself on modernizing classic Greek food dishes, all while keeping the ethnic flavors all alive and well. Their goal? To make strangers friends and to make foods fit for the gods!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? First of all, it’s name kinda has a cool story – Kokkari is allegedly where Orion met and fell in love with the daughter of the King of Chios; in fact, in order to actually win her love over, Orion had to forage the island for wild game and seafood to prepare for a great and giant feast. Anyways…second of all, you can just smell all of the food cooking and smoking, and you just know that you are family and feel like a god when dining there! Now, as far as their Spanakotiropita goes…This is super classic and includes traditional filo dough mini ‘pies’, all deliciously and creamily filled with sautéed spinach, feta cheese, leeks, and dill.

5. Esperia Grill

Location: Brighton, MA

Famous Dish Spotlight: Avgolemono

Esperia Grill out in Brighton, Massachusetts, has been voted the best Greek restaurant in the greater Boston area by the Boston Magazine on three separate occasions, among other awards!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? First of all, on top of being voted the Best in Boston three separate times, Epserial Grill has also been voted Boston’s Best by the Improper Bostonian once back a few years ago. Second of all, they do catering, private events, and of course, your classic dine-in options as well. Over at Esperia Grill, you can also order some of your favorite Greek dishes online including a couple items, such as the following: Orzo with Chicken and Kabobs on Pita. Now, as far as their Avgolemono goes…This includes their classic Egg Lemon Soup. Now, I’ve never had this type of soup before, but I have had some absolutely delicious Greek Lemon Chicken Soup from a freaking grocery store called Sunset Foods of all places, and man is it delish!

6. Chrissoulas

Location: Libertyville, IL

Famous Dish Spotlight: Grilled Octopus

When you dine here at Chrissoulas, you’re either considered a close friend or you’re considered family. Consider this when you come here: you’re eating with family. The Greek Olive Garden kinda.

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? Brothers Nick and Theo have had this dream of opening a Greek restaurant in honor of their Yiayia (Greek for Grandma) since back in 2008. They graduated together from one of the most accredited culinary schools called Kendall College out in Chicago, Illinois. They bring together fun flavors, classic dishes, and no food wasted, all while including some of their fondest memories as kids. Now, as far as their Grilled Octopus goes…This includes (fresh) octopus (pieces) cooked in Greek olive oil with (some) garlic and preserved lemons.

7. Psistaria Greek Taverna

Location: Lincolnwood, IL

Famous Dish Spotlight: Chicken Riganati

While they do feature traditional Greek cuisine foods nonetheless, they also serve their authentic menu dishes with fresh local ingredients as well. Thank you to the Bournas family since 2005!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? First of all, hats off to Chef George! Second of all, let’s take a look at all of their delicious Daily Specials Menu! For lunch, try their Greek Style Spaghetti and Meatballs. For a sandwich option, try their Loukaniko (Sausage) Sandwich. Also try their many salad options as well! Third of all, Psistaria Greek Taverna is such a great Greek restaurant because of the following fact(s): their menu changes seasonally sometimes, so don’t fret or don’t worry – you’ll never get tired of their food and menus alike! Now, as far as their Chicken Riganati goes…This includes Chicken baked in olive oil and various spices. If you prefer dark meat or white meat, order what ya like.

8. The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill

Location: Westminster, CO

Famous Dish Spotlight: Melitzanosalata

First of all, they’ve got 36 locations across the nation – wow! Second of all, food, family, and togetherness is their motto, so when you’re here, you’re family. Eat up, y’all!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? With over 30 years in the food business, this restaurant was originally started back in the day, with the chefs still keeping some of those OG traditions and Greek dishes alike. Generational cooking always tastes the best! Now, as far as their Melitzanosalata goes…This includes a delicious-looking roasted eggplant puree with garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice (P.S. go to their website and catch a picture – mouth watering OMG, right?!).

9. Acropolis Cuisine

Location: Metairie, LA

Famous Dish Spotlight: Golden Fried Calamari

When you think of New Orleans or Louisiana as a state as a whole, I’m sure that Greek food doesn’t typically cross your mind. Acropolis prides itself on being one of NOLA’s few!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? According to their website: “Eat, laugh, live, and enjoy…”. That’s what food’s all about: creating delicious flavors and memories alike, am I right?! Anyhow, while they say that their kitchen is small, their hearts are huge and also filled with tons and oodles of fresh ingredients nonetheless. Now, as far as their Golden Fried Calamari goes…This includes succulent and crispy fried squid served with some classic marinara sauce (and probably lemon wedges, let’s be honest, that’s how it’s almost always served on a plate).

10. The Greek Pastry Shop

Location: Missoula, MT

Famous Dish Spotlight: Falafel Sandwich

First of all, upon entering their website, they state the following: “THE GYROMASTERS SINCE 1977”. Wow…now that’s a pretty bold claim; however, if you’ve been here…thoughts? Tastes?

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? Out in Missoula, not only are they the best Gyros show, but they were also the first, first opening up way back roughly 43 or so years ago. They have since opened up one more location and they are now opened on Sundays (cool if you live around there). Now, as far as their Falafel Sandwich goes…This includes falafel on some bread! Yes, it’s that simple of a sandwich with a simple sandwich-shop-style menu (much like a local place by me called Sparky’s which is no longer open).

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Did we happen to get your personal favorite Greek restaurant? What’s your Number One favorite Greek food dish? Let’s chat down in the comments! Eat up!