ESPN releases a limited edition seasoning for the Postseason

ESPN’s playoff-inspired seasoning (Postseasoning). Image courtesy ESPN
ESPN’s playoff-inspired seasoning (Postseasoning). Image courtesy ESPN /

Did you ever think that you could season your favorite steak or chicken with a seasoning mix from ESPN? Neither did we. But welcome to 2022 and the arrival of Postseasoning!

While the official Postseasoning mix arrived in time for the College Football Championship, it is sticking around for the BIG GAME! That’s right, the NFL Postseason is getting spicy with the help of this special blend courtesy of ESPN.

So what exactly do we know about this exclusive seasoning blend from ESPN (and no we aren’t over the fact that this comes to us from one of our favorite sports-centric channels)?

ESPN launches a very special seasoning inspired by the Postseason called Postseasoning!

Wondering what makes up Postseasoning? According to the press email we received from ESPN,

"The seasoning consists of salt, onion, gochugaru, garlic, paprika, black pepper, & cayenne."

Of course, it is not just about what the seasoning is, it is also about how we can get our hands on a bottle of this splash of deliciousness (or is it a sprinkle since it is a seasoning blend?). So how can we get a bottle of Postseasoning?

"While the bottles are not for sale, over 10,000 bottles of Postseasoning will be given out at postseason games throughout the rest of the football calendar year. Fans in Indianapolis ahead of the College Football Playoff National Championship will be able to pick up a bottle of Postseasoning at ESPN’s Playoff Fan Central located at the Downtown Indianapolis Convention Center (100 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225) while supplies last. Fan Central runs Jan. 8-10."

While the Fan Central launch may be over, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still opportunities to snag a bottle of Postseasoning! And that means paying attention to possible pop ups at upcoming NFL Postseason games.

Plus, if you have a bottle of this exclusive blend on hand, you can also check out the Postseasoning page for recipes and tips and tricks to make your Postseason cooking even more unique.

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We love a good seasoning blend and when we can also enjoy it as part of our game day prep, we are here for that! But we want to know what you think of this special launch from ESPN? Are you surprised that they have gotten into the seasoning game? Let us know!