Starbucks Premium Instant Coffee makes it easy to start the day

Elevate Your New Year Routine with Starbucks Premium Instant Coffee
Elevate Your New Year Routine with Starbucks Premium Instant Coffee /

Are you looking for a delicious new way to kickstart your day? Have you tried Starbucks Premium Instant Coffee yet? If you are looking for an easy and delicious option for sipping away the morning, then these are the coffees for you.

First introduced in April 2021, Starbucks Premium Instant Coffee comes in three classic varieties, just like if you were heading to your closest cafe. And since you can snag these coffees online or in grocery stores, this is an easy option to choose when looking to replace your usual coffee.

Make quality coffee at home without worrying about flavor because it is all about cozy comfort and getting that caffeine fix every single time.

Starbucks Premium Instant Coffee is the perfect sip to start the day

Up first, there is the Blonde Roast which gives us a more mellow coffee flavor that still delivers a crisp flavor that even hints at a bit of sweetness.

The second must try flavor is their Medium Roast. This truly a classic coffee flavor, while being smooth and creamy. With this flavor, Starbucks delivers nutty notes, as well as a creamy milk chocolate undertone.

Finally we have the Dark Roast. This flavor is roasted and bold, with notes of a dark chocolate.

While they may not sell the Premium Instant Coffee canisters in their cafes, they are the three flavors we typically find on their standard coffee menu at any Starbucks (so when you just want a hot cup of coffee, you can choose between their blonde roast, their medium roast, or a dark roast). But by bringing these coffees home, you can make the perfect cup of coffee without ever needing to leave home.

Each instant coffee flavor comes in a canister that is just over three ounces which will cost you $9.99 each.

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What do you think Guilty Eats readers? Are you a fan of Starbucks coffee? Have you tried any of these instant coffees? We want to know what you think and if you have tried any of these coffees for yourself.