Bartesian Home Bar review: Why Bartesian is 2022’s must-have appliance

Bartesian, image courtesy Bartesian
Bartesian, image courtesy Bartesian /

The Bartesian Home Bar is a godsend and 2022’s must-have appliance. Whether you are having friends over or spending the night home binge-watching the latest Netflix series, here’s why you need a Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine in your home.

Now, we previously reviewed the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig when it was first released. Unfortunately, it simply didn’t work out for the brand and production will cease, DrinkWorks announced. Whether you are searching for a  Home Bar to replace it with or are just now hunting for a Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine, you’ve come to the right place!

We received a Bartesian Home Bar and have been testing it out all week! Here’s why you need to raise a glass and say cheers to your new favorite drink appliance.

Why Bartesian is 2022’s must-have appliance

Along with the Bartesian machine, we also received various flavors of drink pods. Below, we share what we loved about it and more.

Unlike the DrinkWorks machine, you need to buy your own spirits. That’s right, you need to purchase your own tequila, rum, etc. Once you are all set up, you’re ready to prepare your drinks.

Bartesian, image courtesy Bartesian
Bartesian, image courtesy Bartesian /

Drink strength options

I was very surprised by this option and I think it’s simply marvelous! The machine allows you the option of enjoying a mocktail or light, medium, or strong beverage. It’s truly like having your very own bartender at home. This is something Drinkworks wasn’t able to do. With Drinkworks, we only had one option, and you also didn’t get to pick your liquor. With Bartesian, you buy your preferred liquor and adjust the strength.

Size and style

Another thing to love is the modern design and the great size. It does not take too much space and, it makes no noise (unlike Drinkworks).

Pod prices and variety

The Bartesian offers a variety of flavors. I suggest trying one of the variety packs so you can sample several before you make up your mind. The prices are also unbeatable. Check them all out HERE.

Why Bartesian brings the party to you

With the ongoing pandemic, we’re not all comfortable meeting friends at a bar or restaurant. Instead, with the Bartesian, you can have a few friends over and host. Or, as we first mentioned, why not enjoy a drink or two while binge-watching your favorite show?

Learn more about Bartesian, HERE.

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