Jeni’s drops a new ice cream flavor inspired by breakfast as a way to inspire a new world record

Jeni’s Maple Soaked Pancakes flavor. Image courtesy Jeni’s
Jeni’s Maple Soaked Pancakes flavor. Image courtesy Jeni’s /

When it comes to ice cream, there are a lot of flavor combinations to choose from. But with the help of Jeni’s we can now enjoy an iconic breakfast dish in frozen form.

In honor of their upcoming attempts to set a new world record for Ice Cream for Breakfast Day on February 5, Jeni’s has introduced us all to their new Maple Soaked Pancakes Ice Cream. And while there are certainly other delicious flavors in the Jeni’s lineup that could work as a breakfast option, such as their Skillet Cinnamon Roll ice cream, the Coffee with Cream & Sugar ice cream, or even the Cold Brew with Coconut Cream dairy-free ice cream, is there really anything that screams breakfast more than pancakes?

So what is the big deal with this release? Besides the fact that this might be the best ice cream I have ever had in a pint at home, this is all about setting a record.

Jeni’s releases their new flavor of ice cream, Maple Soaked Pancakes

Jeni’s Maple Soaked Pancakes flavor. Image courtesy Jeni’s /

In a press email we received on behalf of Jeni’s, we learned that on February 5, they are encouraging people to embrace Ice Cream for Breakfast Day by, you guessed it, eating ice cream for breakfast. They want people to take pictures or post videos of themselves eating ice cream, no matter what brand or flavor it may be, and sharing them on social media with #IceCreamIsBreakfast.

And as a bonus incentive to get people to cozy up with their ice cream on February 5, they are giving away a “12-month Pint club membership” to five very lucky ice cream lovers who participate in what could just be a world record setting event.

While Jeni’s makes it clear that any ice cream will do, the fact that they have dropped the perfect breakfast-inspired flavor certainly has us ready to break out the spoons, our cameras, and get our “ice cream for breakfast” on.

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What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are you a fan of ice cream for breakfast? Will you be taking part in this event? What do you think of an ice cream flavor like Maple Soaked Pancakes? We want to know!