Summer never has to end with these ice cream flavors from Serendipity Brands

Unicorn Bliss Sundae stack. Image courtesy of Serendipity Brands
Unicorn Bliss Sundae stack. Image courtesy of Serendipity Brands /

Do you sometimes wish that summer was longer? Are you an ice cream lover who wants to hold on to summer? Then Serendipity Brands has the answer. Or, at the very least, they have the ice creams.

The first time I tried a Serendipity Brands ice cream pint, I fell in love. The ice cream was perfectly creamy and smooth. The flavors popped and the mix-ins were a perfect amount without being too little or too much. It was the perfect spoonful of ice cream every time.

But, as summer starts to wane, we are already sad over the loss of hot summer days where ice cream was the answer to everything. However, just because new seasons are coming, that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to Serendipity and summer.

In fact, thanks to these ice cream flavors, summer can stick around, even when harsh winter winds are making us want nothing more than a cabana on the beach. (Or maybe that’s just me, but whatever.)

The Serendipity Brands ice cream flavors mean summer never has to end

Unicorn Bliss Sundae. Image courtesy of Serendipity Brands /
  • Unicorn Bliss Sundae – Honestly, this is the one I would reach for every single time it was offered. This pint of ice cream starts off with a vanilla base, but it is loaded with cookie dough pieces in delightful shades of pink and blue. But the thing that sends this over the top for the unicorn lovers out there is the glittery swirl throughout the ice cream. This is magic in every scoop, and we are here for it.
  • Cookies & Cream Remix – If you love Selena Gomez, then this one is for you. Created by the co-owner of the brand (yes that Selena Gomez), this ice cream starts with a vanilla base that is actually a beautiful shade of pink. Then it is packed with pieces of cream-filled cookies and a swirl of thick fudge. This is cookies and cream taken to the next level.
  • Frrrozen Hot Chocolate – While winter is all about hot chocolate, summer can be too. And if you want that flavor anytime of the year then you need Frrrozen Hot Chocolate in your life. The ice cream itself is flavored like hot chocolate and then there is a swirl of whipped cream, as well as the chocolate shavings that only the most decadent hot chocolates ever seem to have.

Honestly, when it comes to ice cream, Serendipity Brands knows what they are doing. And if you are looking to snag one of these flavors but can’t seem to find it in stores, check out their website for help or hit up Amazon, you never know where you can get your hands on this icy treat.

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Are you a fan of Serendipity Brands? Which ice cream flavor is your favorite? Have you tried any of these flavors we listed? What did you think? Let us know Guilty Eaters.